Alex   Greater London, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
hi, im Alex, from London
we have games in common? then add me, I mostly play fps & strategy

playing nowadays, Total war, Civ 5, team fortress, ask

past played : Command&Conquer(#), Supcom, Total Annihilation, company of heros, 40k, CoD(#), Battlefield(#), Populus, Civ2, SMAC(x)

Console: timesplitters, GTA, Mariocarts, smashbros, goldeneye.

Trance & progressive <3
Long after midnight when the city sleeps
I breathe the silence night sounds carry across
And watch the work-worn silhouettes
Glide like midnight-whispers
Between the walls of steel and glass
Down alleyways and dirt-drawn mazes
Bodies sail home into the night
Over rivers of lamplight
Beneath the gaze of morning stars
Footsteps dissolve into the dark
Even though it has no name
Still I feel it
It comes to me in waves
Like sound across the wire, like memory
Like fragments of a secret we’ve been told
In daylight it can be so hard to hold to
Something like a thread we’ve all belonged to
Spins inside me, higher than the borders that divide
Deeper than language, wider than the winds that lift the air
Beautiful beyond belief
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