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Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
"No matter what, always move forward in life. Despite the harsh circumstances. Keep your head held firm and high, look forward, keep your eyes fixed on what is most important to you and seek with all your might.

The road may get rough, it may become difficult. It may even become too difficult to continue walking. Eventually you will be knocked down, but, do not for a moment think you are weak because you had fallen. Strength is not based on how far you can walk before getting knocked down, it is based on how many times you get knocked down and continue to stand again and keep walking!

Do not look back and compare to where you were and where you are right now, for you may feel discouraged. There may be another 1000 steps to go, but each step brings you closer.

You may be on your knees crawling, but even if you are. You are still getting there, even if it’s 1 inch at a time. Know that whatever action you take now will always impact the future you have. People dismiss the small things too much and believe it will not have much impact on where they will end up in life, but remember - never overlook these things, because it is the small things that add up to create the big picture in life.
Where ever you want to be in life, do not be deceived by the long road ahead. For you never truly know how far your destination could be. It could even be just over the next hill. Motivation is fleeting, instead rely on your determination and willpower.
Identify your goals and coordinate your efforts."
~ Me :3
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Basic Info

Name : Trey

Age : ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Occupation : entrepreneur

Height : 6.1

Music : Usually all types of music really, but mostly listened to would be...


Favourite Games :

Half Life 2 Deathmatch
Team Fortress 2

More Details

Not exactly much to say about me but as mentioned above. I enjoy mostly gaming, drawing (artist) in my free time as well as playing the guitar. I do enjoy mostly meeting new people and talking to others, im always open to supporting and helping others, especially if they are in need of something (Be aware I could be annoying xD).

                                                       Feel free to add me

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nice profile!
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thank you for what we had, but I wish to leave it here, I wish you the best of luck ~
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🎅 has come to put a 🎁 under your 🎄 for being such a good little boy
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