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About my VAC ban: I didn't do anything to get it, its wrong for them to accuse me of cheating. You know, its also funny that STEAM support closes your ticket before they give you a log or evidence for why you were VAC banned. Its total garbage that they can't do anything about it either.


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Gene's Meat Market Oct 25 @ 5:28pm 
Your project zomboid review gave me flashbacks of my brothers review. 10/10 would lul again.
big hi Oct 17 @ 12:43pm 
Remember the comment you left on my isis flag?
big hi Oct 13 @ 7:21pm 
no one asked you nigger fuck off
defiatron Oct 13 @ 6:39pm 
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big hi Oct 13 @ 6:38pm 
you're a nig nog.
big hi Oct 13 @ 1:17pm 
Peace and blessings be upon you brother.