So strong, my face is, you punch, break fingers!   Germany
DO NOT, i repeat, NOT add me for trades of ANY kind. I am not interested in your

WARNING: Adding me randomly with a private profile will result in me reporting you for suspected phishing/hijacking.

About me:

-I love TF2 (when the team is actually able to do their jobs right, noone needs a medic that fights with his syringe gun while teammates die next to him and neither does a team need 6 snipers that hide in the spawn or 6 Spies that just watch the enemy cloaked while doing nothing...)

-MvM was good at start but now lacks HARDLY of useful teammates...

-Dislikes people with MLP Names/avatars as the whole fandom in general


-If there is one thing that i wish to change in History: Make Germany win WWII (this is my opinion and not ment to offend somebody. If you are still offended by it, cry some more. I do NOT support the Holocaust and all that but i support the rest that was in germany by that times. Respect, people actually wanted to work, do some quality work aswell, no mean foreigners *not all foreigners are mean* and every culture was where it belonged to.)

Thanks for reading that
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DROEFSNOET 4 hours ago 
Good, but don't block the Autobahn with your actions.
MANFACE! 18 hours ago 
I've done preparations, just in case. You never know when it's your time to go.
how xd
MANFACE! 18 hours ago 
It can accour that i might be offline for a longer time here and then. No worries, in case i really die, i'll make sure you fellas will know
DROEFSNOET Sep 14 @ 2:08pm 
May you rest in a grave full of golden pans
Mardna the Lioness Queen Sep 14 @ 1:18pm 
rip manfaec ??? - 2017