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>> DO NOT ADD ME WITHOUT LEAVING A PROFILE COMMENT!!! << IT WILL BE IGNORED IF YOU DO NOT!!! see view more info----> for more info

If I don't accept you when you add me as a friend then it could be for various reasons such as the following:

1) - You didn't leave me a comment as to why or it wasn't detailed enough.
2) - I really just didn't want to accept.
3) - I got several at the same time like usual and I just ignored everyone.
4) - I ignored you by accident...it happens.
5) - You are wanting to talk about a report/appeal - ask that on SR not here.
6) - All of the above.

I am an Administrator for SteamRep [steamrep.com] - Confirm my identity - I won't link you to it.

I keep a tight amount of people on my list - If I remove you don't take it personally...I clean my friends list often and I will not keep just some random user I just added that asks a question on my list after we are done talking.
I'm not a collectors pc for steam profiles.
Do NOT post on my profile wanting me to review a report / appeal on SteamRep - I Do NOT handle any of those thru steam unless I request it. If you are trying to contact me for SteamRep related issues - do so thru private messages there NOT here!!

I am usually not online from Midnight - 10AM EST - so it is unlikely I will reply to you, accept your add or anything for that matter during that time frame.
I gotta sleep ya know.

I do have impersonators running around - I will NEVER give you a URL to identity me!! I WILL NEVER ask you to verify any items or something stupid along those lines! Anyone asking you to do this is TRYING TO SCAM YOU!!!! Don't be an idiot and verify users properly!
Make sure you check a user out however BEFORE you accept their friend request!!
Lastly - Please do not comment on my profile here for SteamRep related issues...Ohh wait I already mentioned that....well saying it again! You can send me a PM on the forums instead so long as its super important and not some stupid rant about not accepting your report or tagging you.
Careful what you post on my comments- I screenshot everything automatically - so you post it, don't even bother deleting it - I'll still have it!

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ЩĄ | Horse 23 hours ago 
No then those that translate would leave and when it came down to appeals we couldn't work them so all that was thought about but a policy was put in place not to accept them since they are a small amount. Report them to valve instead.
trash™ Mar 17 @ 4:24am 
hello weird screenshotty comments thingy
Bench Mar 17 @ 1:03am 
Hi Horse, since steamrep doesn't accept any reports other than english, isn't it possible to get a few volunteers to translate it? Most submitted reports that are for example in german would take me 3-8minutes to translate.
ЩĄ | Horse Mar 14 @ 1:20pm 
make an appeal like everyone else
Be prepared to prove the hijack with FULL screens of the steam support ticket otherwise you are wasting your time.
Phys Mar 14 @ 1:14pm 
I was wrongfully banned from steamrep by a friend of mine who didnt know my account was hijacked from saturday morning to monday afternoon. Can we talk about this and maybe come to a resolution?
ЩĄ | Horse Mar 14 @ 5:42am 
I don't do appeals - they are checked and your in line with everyone else so just gotta wait.