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>>>>> DO NOT add me without leaving a profile message first!!! <<<<<<
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If I don't accept you when you add me as a friend then it could be for various reasons such as the following:

1) - You didn't leave me a comment as to why or it wasn't detailed enough.
2) - I really just didn't want to accept.
3) - I got several at the same time like usual and I just ignored everyone.
4) - I ignored you by accident...it happens.
5) - All of the above.

I keep a tight amount of people on my list - VIP's for our servers, group members and needed associates for information. If I remove you don't take it personally - join our groups you can contact me thru that vs trying to add me again!

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Nanny 10 hours ago 
Added to talk about pending SR reports.
Teeny Tiny Cat May 28 @ 2:07pm 
Hey there, I'm a backpack.tf mod, have a quick question.
Sail May 28 @ 7:54am 
Can I ask you something?
Dave#K# May 28 @ 4:13am 
Add me to talk.
re-adding you because I can verify my trade history to you
ghiozdan May 25 @ 1:05pm 
i'm the guy from steam rep who got scammed with a bayonet case hardend, i want to talk with you, please accept man