João Paulo Saraiva Morais   Ceara, Brazil
I´d like to be more talkative, but I´m not very good in describing myself.
I like RPGs (Final Fantasy, Phantasy Star, and probably other Ph/Fantasy games), RTS (Fight, Win, Prevail...), TBS (Fire Emblem), some casual games (Plants vs. Zombies), some FPS (Dark Forces, Doom), some simulators (Civilization, Colonization).
I had a Mega Drive (Sega Genesis) when I was younger (and taxes were not so gamer-unfriendly), but I dream with the day when XBoxers, Playstationers, Nintenders, Steamers, and other players will happily fight against themselves in harmony, with no prejudices ^_^
My wife says I´m annoying optimistic with many things in the life. Maybe I´m too much optmistic, but I prefer to believe everybody is honest until opposite evidences (and I´m not a lawyer!!!).
I tried to find penpals, keyboardpals (smoke signalpals?), to meet new people (and try to improve my English), and now I´m looking for gamepals!
So, do you mind if talk a bit? -_^
See ya soon! ^_^
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wuff ^_^
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