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Feb 9 @ 7:07pm
In topic Expansion bought....but no update?
you should have a new login screen and obv two new classes, probably just restart steam.
Бери некроманта, у него неплохие деф способности типа марки и лайфстила + касты которые идут норм с аетер магом. Инквизитор тоже норм, маг+вар тоже может быть "чистым кастером" типа калидор темпест и при этом бегать со щитом для доп защиты ну и остальные фишки вара и мага.
Feb 8 @ 3:52pm
In topic Build advice (First playthrough)
You should probably try to aim at some end devotions and work your way through to them, most of them are really great, even neutral like aeon hourglass, well and basically pick those which benefit your type of damage and try to pick at least one for extra defense, like turtle or dryad or vendigo etc.
Feb 8 @ 10:25am
In topic Is the rng skewed towards range weapons
Well i guess you could ask/trade for a blue weapons. I beilive you can trade through multiplayer. I for example have bunch of weapons gathering dust in stash and i dont even play that much. I would think alot of more dedicated players could easily share something.
Feb 8 @ 10:11am
In topic Help about builds in this game
i think the most common ( or most known ) mage+warrior build is classic blitz+calidor's tempest. Still pretty solid dps wise and defense.
Feb 8 @ 10:07am
In topic Build advice (First playthrough)
Originally posted by Raraldor:
Originally posted by Valkez:
Don't let Veteran fool you, it's pretty damn easy up until like, the Blood Grove I'd say. My personal advice would be, leave Hardcore and play at least once on Ultimate Softcore first.

Otherwise, if you feel like you're up for the challenge, like Azunai said, get Mirror of Ereoctes, Maiven's Sphere and Blast Shield as soon as you can. I'd add Flashbang on the list. Your class combo is terribly squishy and you'll want those skills as fast as you can get them. 1 point is enough for Mirror and Flashbang, max the other two though.

Also, keep those resistances high. You can make it with ~60% res on Veteran, but keep them capped at >80% from Elite to Ultimate. Overcap isn't a bad idea either, especially in Malmouth, which I would suggest you to skip even on Veteran until you're level ~60.
Yeah, no good armor has dropped with resistances yet. Would flashbang be better than blackwater cocktail? From what I understand, offensive ability is checked against defensive ability to get the percentage to hit. So if I'm meant to go for a more defensive approach as other posts have recommended, is that a better option? Having both of the skills seems a like a waste

I beilive it is responsible not for hit chance but crit chance. You can't dodge unless you have dodge % or you debuff enemies with impared aim, reducing offense should lower the chance of recieving critical, or so i think so.
Feb 8 @ 8:49am
In topic Build advice (First playthrough)
Originally posted by Matthew:
Don't neglect Physique and defense is king in this game. Damage is super easy to come by, but there are a lot of resist types to cap and you can never have too much health or defensive ability.

Glass cannon doesn't really work in this game. You'll waste a lot of time restarting back at level 1 if you try to eek out an extra 10% damage by giving up 50% resists.

And yet you need to find a balance so you can perform good at some point. There are couple places where you would need to pass dps check. It was truly amusing watching all those reflect wardens cry even at veteran Valbury boss. But maintaining attention to armor, resists and having clever defensive skills can help even heavily dps oriented builds do well in hardcore.
Feb 8 @ 5:07am
In topic Is the rng skewed towards range weapons
nah, it's rng
Inquisitor is ridiciolus in terms of protection, he basically has free shield with 100% block chance and good bonus HP, aswell as other decent stuff. Im currently playing purifier and it's been really strong so far. I guess both inquisitor and necro are decent with defence, kinda a fresh air instead of constand warriors and shamans to get health. that's my purifier build, no items. You can swap ulzins aura places, hp regen works good in seal, giant's blood included.
Feb 6 @ 6:34pm
In topic Community Survey for the Kiseki Fandom
Never have been a fan of anime and all that stuff, i had taken a liking to these series based pure on gameplay. I think there need to be more games, that are focused on whole world overall instead of "Im a hero i will kill the dragon in the end, lets go". It is quite refreshing playing in an enviroment and events that makes at least common sense and of course they'd done pretty well with plot between all the games. These series shows that all you need to do is put some dedication and attention, not trying to copy everything that was a succes and randomly add it without a thought.
Feb 5 @ 9:49am
In topic C's True Identity (MAJOR SPOILER)
A wild guess by me, but considering Rean's reaction in Heimdallr, his past is somewhat connected to chancellor, maybe even in a same way as Joshua, aka a child of some war or conflict supposedly initiated by chancellor.
Feb 5 @ 9:44am
In topic Do I need a guide?
rean is unaffiliated by default
Feb 4 @ 6:16pm
In topic C's True Identity (MAJOR SPOILER)
Originally posted by SpeedPL:
MAJOR Enforcer - Weissman chosen him and marked him. The same may happen to Rean in the future according to him missing memories and because he has the MARK. So they choose from people just like that.

nah, he placed something i think it's called stigma to imitate grailritter powers and have control over him. I guess Rean's mark might have been stigma, but i doubt it is artificial.

Originally posted by SpeedPL:
Head of snake - Ouroboros.
Minions - Jaegers, mercs, Mafia, Underworld, Black Market.
While they carry acts like wars, assasinations, bodyguarding, they always have agenda of their own.

That is how it works.

According to Joshua Ouroboros was actually not that major of criminal organization, i guess we can call these series as their raise. You just keep thinking for some reason that everything bad = ouroboros, well it isn't that way at least not directly.
Feb 4 @ 6:02pm
In topic C's True Identity (MAJOR SPOILER)
the only Enforcer that was present in CS1 - Bleublanc and you didn't have to fight him
Pater-mater wasn't a "Divine Knight" it was a development by 13 factories, they do share some similarities but it wasn't one of those. Divine knights as far as i understand are an ancient mechs, that are sealed away and are avaible through some kinds of trials. Rean has been guided by Emma/Celine, Crow has been guided by Misty. Weissman's experiment was Joshua, and they all have been enhanced/experimented on. Well he might be an actual enforcer but the game didn't even give a hint about that, my guess he isn't, he'd most likely had an attunement to capture knight, the only reason they used him.

Originally posted by SpeedPL:

I coudln't say that Leonhardt group was a minor, especially with Weissman leading them from shadows. Jaegers were used as pawns, but also they are ALWAYS being used in that way by Ouroboros mainly. So they ARE like infrantry to them and they betrayed duke in Liberl to choose the side of Ouroboros.

Bladelord wasn't an actual jaegger it was fake identity to cover his true one. Sara herself says during capital study, that Jester ( the outfit in question ) were basically nobodies. Jaeggers are just mercenaries, so they obviusly work for everyone who pays. I mean there are so many references to them through all games, even book in the library about them. Beeing HIRED by ouroboros doesn't mean they are PART of them.
Feb 4 @ 5:43pm
In topic C's True Identity (MAJOR SPOILER)
dude wtf you are talking about? There is so much misifnformation i don't even know where to start. I'll just point most ridiciolus like jaeggers are part of ouroboros. The outfit that figured in Sky was minor compared to Zephyr where Fie belonged and i duno how you had connected the two. I have no idea how you've put Crow as an enforcer, he's been kinda working with them but he looks more like a pawn, and he's OBVIOUSLY not an enforcer. Another of yours ridiciolus conclusions is that Emma is connected to Ouroboros. First Clotilde isn't an enforcer, she's Anguis or whatever the name of that rank, so she's basically like mastermind type. Second she isn't a "sister" of hers literally, she have just pointed out that they have sister-like abilities and background, they definetely connected but i doubt that it is by blood.

The focus of CS1 in term of characters ( well basically all characters were revealed somewhat ) were definetely Emma and Alisa i guess? But i have a hunch that Alisa is just has been sticking for the whole series as "canon" girlfriend. I got the feeling that main focus of CS2 will be Fie and probably either Machias or Jusis or maybe two. Indeed all other character will be revealed more aswell.

Feb 4 @ 3:33pm
In topic Do I need a guide?
Might aswell play on youtube then? There is literally no point in guides except to ruin a fun from game, especially since it's really easy game to get all done, there are like maybe one possible thing to miss for 1 AP, everything else you have a possibility to replay, since you will know that you have failed. Considering there is a 10 points handicap to get last rank it would be unlikely not to get it. Compared to trails in the sky SC where you had only 2 points i beilive? And some really reicky stuff, like winning battle 1vs5 or smth without even realizing you actually need to win it for BP.

There is like one truly hidden quest, where you need to speak twice to trigger it and one hidden action in one of the later chapters which you should be able to figure if you paid minimum attention to the previous day, everything else you just need to speak with characters once, unless you are lazy to speak with them you can't miss quests. Just keep to a general line that there is always 1 hidden quest per free day and 1 per field study and you will be fine without guide.
Feb 2 @ 7:07pm
In topic C's True Identity (MAJOR SPOILER)
Yea Olivier is basically the only person who spread doubts about him in CS1, well aside from noble characters obviously, so it's hard to figure him out that well, still plot does really good job of covering him from the other side than sky with some curious dialogues, which i guess gonna be extended in next games.
Feb 2 @ 6:53pm
In topic C's True Identity (MAJOR SPOILER)
I didn't play any other games in CS series yet, but im pretty sure everything isn't gona be that simple. I have my suspicions about Osborne outcome, the only thing that would be annoying but possible i guess is that He's coming back into crew, after repenting for being duped by ouroboros, i think it's pretty obvious they used him. Im also kinda sure that all that was planned by Osborne himself. I mean how would he know the name of the sniper? Plus chapter 4 really gives off the impression that he wouldn't die so easily, aswell as a whole series before.
Feb 1 @ 7:09pm
In topic Trophie Questions
lol, compared to sky games there is almost impossible to miss anything. They even use same algorythm for hidden quests every time and locations advancement is pretty simple aswell. How do you even remember what is on each slot, i used 2 slots only.
Jan 30 @ 6:30pm
In topic Trophie Questions
Duno about books, entries and quartz should count separetely, at least if you have save.
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