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Vielen Dank!
Oct 11 @ 3:03pm
In topic Multiplayer
This game has p2p game hosting integrated, so it should be okay.
But you need to get some friends on board, because the multiplayer is not populated at all.
Eventually you need to manually open a port in your firewall/router.
Oct 11 @ 8:29am
In topic Downloadable Campaign
There is a single mission that is extremely big. (like at least 10 hours of playtime, but no worry. It gives you ~10 saves)
I suggest you read the readme that comes with it because it is very complex and does a lot of unique stuff.
It´s name is Abandoned Armies 1.4.

You are basically a guerilla fighter that starts with nothing, on an island that is torn up between 2 "abandoned" armies.
By the time you will find gear and comrades.

Sadly that mission had a savebug for me after a couple of hours of playtime.

If any campaigns come to my mind I will also post them. Until then I really recommend Abandoned Armies 1.4.

Good luck soldier,
I want to get into paradise.
In exchange I can offer you either Graveyard or Forest.
Hello Fishies,
I am looking to have a Party time and am willing to part from my Terror of the Deep.

Happy swimming,
Hello Zombo-Killers!

I am searching for the great Zombogod.
Zombo Buster Squads have been sent out to all corners of steams to look out for him.
Maybe Squad 1 or Squad 2 will be lucky and find it hiding in your inventory?

I hope some of the guys that are working on the continued development of Starward Rogue will find the drive to put their hands on Bionic Dues. (hello Misery & Co. )

Btw. Is there any news on the planned Starward Rogue add-on/DLC which was planned to go through Kickstarter?

Best wishes,
Aug 30 @ 11:34pm
In topic Vice CHIMPS or S.O.B power armor?
-Vice Chimps torso can be modded, the power armor cannot.
-using s.o.b. you save one item slot, because you cannot wear pants. (but you also do not get the pants attributes obviously)

I used s.o.b. early but as soon as I had the Chimps, I switched to that.

You should just find out for yourself what attributes benefit your playstyle more and then make your decision.

Enjoy getting wasted,
Thanks to your help I got this working.
Please accept my friend request for recieving your Karma level up.
I also have the taskbar problem on the same windows version.
Yes, windows 7, with 1920x1080 monitor only.
And it is a video wallpaper.
Thanks for your help though, much appreciated.
eventually it is 4k only. I will ask in their forums. But thanks for the advice and quick reply.
Thanks, I also did that and got a reply there. It is in their bonus content folder.
Sadly I only get a black screen when running it.
I will try to delete this thread (if possible).
Originally posted by manoelpdb:
Is possible to play this game in a laptop with a GeForce 940M equipped?
I am running a buttery smooth 60-61 fps on Area 1 in 1280x720 with all settings lowered
on this former office rig:

Pentium Dual-Core CPU E5400 @2.7GHz,
Radeon HD 5450 1GB (passive cooling, slim fit)
Samsung SSD 850 EVO 120G

I have yet to look how it behaves in other Areas or especially in Area X.
Also how upping some of the setting impacts the performance.
But regarding my specs, I am pretty sure that you will have no problems running it.

Thank you for the quick reply and for making this nice bonus content package.
And for bringing this game to PC.
see title.
Thanks in advance,
(see 2nd video on store page regarding the Digital Deluxe DLC)
see title.
Thanks in advance,
(see 2nd video on store page regarding the Digital Deluxe DLC)
Aug 9 @ 3:59am
In topic So much hate...
There wasn´t even a singer....
only dancing people. I mean WTF?!?!
Worst concert of my life!
Aug 9 @ 3:58am
In topic So much hate...
So I got a cheap ticket for the ballet lately.
I never was interested in ballet (I am more the metal guy) but I went there anyway.
What a scam!
There were no electric guitars and no drums.
And there were half naked people hopping all around the stage...I did not understand♥♥♥♥♥♥
I think tghe concert hall name was Bolshoi or was terrible and I suggest no one to ever go to this stupid ballet thing, because it sucks balls.
Originally posted by boi:
F. There's a secret room (?). Or was it? It wasn't on the minimap only only got there after entering the room next to it.

Thanks for the answers.
btw, I finally figured out how to scroll the screens. Was just irritaded that the symbol did not highlight or I just pressed a button when it should be on the symbol and it worked.

As for "F", I don´t know...It happend to me twice now to have seen a room on upper left of minimap with a "connector" to the left, but no room marked on minimap.
When going there, there will be a room, but I tink it does nothing special, so maybe it is just a "bug".

Originally posted by bjorndadwarf:
I've sent out my one henchman twice now and he hasn't returned with anything. Do they not always come back with stuff? I was just coming here to ask some more questions about how henchman work. Also, are the parts random or are legs just super freaking rare? Because I have enough other parts to build like 5 henchmen, but have only found one set of legs so far. I'm just now routinely getting to the third floor, so maybe it's floor dependent on what parts you get?

Also, I don't see any particular use from the Slot Machine NPC. For the time it takes to pop out one random item, I can quit to the room, reload, and buy three things from the vendor. Is there something I'm missing about the Slots?
Sometimes they just have no luck. Maybe they died in the cathedral and came back. Just like us sometimes..., or they are keeping the loot for themselves?!?!? (Note to self: Keep an eyesocket on those little minions...)
The higher their level, the more and better loot they find probably.

I´m pretty sure the bodyparts are totally random. Keep on diggin´ bro.

-There is a slot machine?!?!? (Do not tell, I want to find out by myself...)

Good luck guys.
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