♥ Lena ♥
Brussels, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium

♥ About Me ♥

-I'm a student
-I don't trade a lot (don't add me just for trading)
-I'm mainly a (pocket) Solly and a Pyro
-I've a secondary account under the name of Dreamy

don't hesitate to add me, talk to me and play with me, I'm quite friendly ;)

-UGC Asia HL S19
-ETF2L HL S12 -Open
-ETF2L 6s Fresh Meat S1
-ETF2L Fun Cup 6s, HL -Open
-UGC EU HL S22 -Silver

BLACKLIST: if you are here you are NOT welcome to be anywhere around me.
- Offside (for being one of the rudest, egocentric and dumb people I've ever met)
- Mr. Bliss (for being quite the most toxic player you could possbily encounter)
- Keepo20 (for blocking me a few hours before a trial without even saying why)

WHITELIST: if you are here i will always love you no matter what :)
- nasko7
- Gravity
- Johanesen
- Lybon
- Nightfurry

Credit to Nasko7 for my profile pic ;) "duuuude"
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nasko7 Jun 2 @ 12:20pm 
lyb is an ancient unit of weight measurement. the definition of lyb is exactly 38 kilograms in the metric system (lybon's avg weight). How many lybs are you? Just divide by thirty eight!
Adolf Hitler Apr 30 @ 1:37am 
+rep lazy
nasko7 Mar 8 @ 8:49am 
MouZ Mar 7 @ 3:29am 
+rep funny, caring, knows to play pyro. "Ksch, ksch, go away schpee!" Felt save as medic around him.
Gravity Mar 4 @ 10:53pm 
+rep Has a pyro montage