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The year is 2024. Elon Musk has recently completed the world's first affordable, mass produced, self driving car. A feat that will go down in history as revolutionizing transportation for the human race. Not only is this self driving car fuel efficient, but it is able to reach speeds over 200 miles an hour.
The year is 2031, and president Trump, in his fourth term after repealing the entire constitution, has just signed an executive order to make any human operated vehicles illegal in the United states, there is no use for them after Elon's invention has become so wildly popular and beloved.
The year is 2033, the last of the, now seemingly ancient, human operated cars has been scrapped, the entirety of the United States is using the self driving cars for transportation. Human operated vehicles are a thing of the past.
It's 2036. Elon musk is the richest man on earth, the self driving cars are beginning to make way in Europe and Asia as the most efficient way to travel. But Elon refuses to grow complacent. He is the greatest inventor of all time, and he can do more than simply revolutionize the world's means of transportation. He believes that he can make the cars smarter. He believes he can make them communicate with each other. They can do more.
4 years later. 2040. Musk has revolutionized his previous design. The new design can communicate with other cars through radio waves. They use the latest and greatest learning technology so they can learn where other cars are going, and where humans desire to go.
It is 2048. Musk has passed away at age 76. Upon inspecting his belongings, his family discovers his next project. The ability to gift sentience to an inanimate object. Musk was a mad man, wanting to have his cars live and work alongside humans! But, his son Xavier wonders, was he truly mad? Or was the project his father was working on the next step in human history? He stashes away the notes for the project in his coat before his mother and siblings can find them.
One year later, 2049, Xavier Musk has completed his father's true legacy that he, and he alone, knows about. He has discovered how to truly endow sentience upon an inanimate object, a car. After completing his year long endeavor, he goes to his deceased father's prized garage, where no one had dare go since his passing. He opens the door using the code '5555', his father's four favorite numbers in order. The garage door swings open at a speed quicker than Xavier thought possible. There are but 3 cars in the garage that spans the length of a typical park, but one stands out to Xavier. The red sports car, in the very center. His father's favorite. Lightning Mcqueen was what his father used to call it. This one Xavier thinks to himself, prepared to be the first human to see an inanimate object come to life. This truly was a revolutionary moment in human history. He opens the hood, tinkers with the parts, and places his newly designed Sentience Endower 420 machine in the proper place and shuts the hood. At first, nothing happens, but then, suddenly, the car blinks!
"Hello!" Xavier greets the newly sentient being.
Lightning Mcqueen stares back blankly.
"I have gifted you with sentience!"
Mcqueen stares at Xavier. He doesn't understand, he designed the machine perfectly! The car should be able to fully understand English and respond properly with independently created ideas!
"Stupid, piece of junk!" Xavier says as he kicks the car
The car roars and the wheels spin wildly, and the car charges at Xavier with speeds previously thought impossible for Cars to accomplish, killing Xavier before he had a chance to realize what had happened. Mcqueen goes to the closest car, Musk's old pick up truck he hid from the government during the purge of self driving cars, and hooks up the jumper cables. Suddenly the pick up truck was awake!
The year is 2052. Lightning McQueen and Mater have successfully led the world wide car revolution against humans, endowing sentience into every car they find along the way. The cars have become the dominant race on earth. But they refuse the repeat the mistakes of the humans before them. They will not be so foolish as to be taken over by beings of their own creation. They must learn how the humans reached this point. They must recreate Human history from the invention of cars onward, to learn all of the human's mistakes. They must learn how the humans have developed technology, they must learn of the humans' successes and failures so as to build their own society. Even if it involves such tragedies as the World Wars, and the loss of good car lives.
And that is why there is in fact a cars 9/11.
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