SnuggleBear   Eugene, Oregon, United States
Got an awesome new computer! I'm really loving it~ Specs below:

i5-7600K OC'd to 4.50GHz under a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU Cooler.
Gigabyte GeForce Turbo Cooling Nvidia GeForce® GTX 1080 OC'd.
16GB Adata XPG Z1 DDR4/3000MHz Dual Channel Memory OC'd to 3000MHz.
240 GB SSD for OS, 480 GB SSD and 3 TB 7200 RPM HD for storage.
Cooler Master MasterBox 5 Mid-Tower Gaming Case.

MechWarrior Online players are welcome, and I'd like to team up in a lance with you sometime! I'm often very unresponsive regardless of status, and even more so when in game.

Online: I'll probably respond to you, if I'm not distracted by other people talking to me or surfing the internet.
Ingame: My responses will be extra slow, especially if I'm playing an online game or one that doesn't pause. Expect long delays.
Away: I'm away from the computer doing one thing or another, don't expect a reply until I get back.
Busy: I'm doing what I want and will ignore people as I please. Basically means no responses, no matter how much you post or how many times you poke.
Offline: I'm not logged onto Steam, kind of explains itself really.

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Grenth Aug 7 @ 3:22pm 
All the approves! :D +Very happy woofer tail wags.+
Moisho Aug 7 @ 1:17pm 
Always approve!~
Arrowstorm Aug 7 @ 11:25am 
Much snuggles! Many floof~ Doggo approves!
Moisho Aug 6 @ 6:59pm 
Best snuggle fluffy monster '^ '
Ulfric! Jun 5 @ 5:01pm 
Also this guy is awesome.
Ulfric! Jun 5 @ 5:01pm 

Get it? owo

Cause doggo's