Grenth (No PC Gaming :c)
Grenth   Eugene, Oregon, United States
Update to everyone who knows me. My computer is shot. And while it still seems to run, it's on its last legs, and crashes whenever I try to play something.

To those of you who added me solely for RPing, I'm sad to say that you should probably look elsewhere for now. RPing has turned into a chore for me, and at this time it's not fun anymore.

MechWarrior Online players are welcome, and I'd like to team up in a lance with you sometime! I'm often very unresponsive regardless of status, and even more so when in game.

Online: I'll probably respond to you, if I'm not distracted by other people talking to me or surfing the internet.
Ingame: My responses will be extra slow, especially if I'm playing an online game or one that doesn't pause. Expect long delays.
Away: I'm away from the computer doing one thing or another, don't expect a reply until I get back.
Busy: I'm doing what I want and will ignore people as I please. Basically means no responses, no matter how much you post or how many times you poke.
Offline: I'm not logged onto Steam, kind of explains itself really.

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Moisho Mar 16 @ 2:22pm 
No worries, you can get a new one soon!
Grenth (No PC Gaming :c) Mar 16 @ 2:17pm 
Well the idea is certainly to get a better one! :D Plus I've got current gen console stuff to keep me entertained, so it's not like I've got nothing to play. Still an annoying pain in the butt though, concidering I've been used to mainly PC gaming for the past 5 years. XD
♫Senpai Uki♫ Mar 16 @ 8:06am 
Before you know it grenf you'll get a new one. Just keep your head high and floof proud! >:o and who knows, it might be better then your old one \owo/
Grenth (No PC Gaming :c) Mar 16 @ 2:01am 
My computer is rebelling in its old age, and has decided that me trying to play games on it is now an offense worthy of crashing. Goodbye to my two favorite games, MechWarrior Online and Warframe, until I can get something to replace my laptop in a few months. :c +Cries a little on the inside.+
Grenth (No PC Gaming :c) Feb 7 @ 6:01pm 
Well it's worth a try at least! XD Nomming on a cute shorky might just make me feel better. :3
Moisho Feb 6 @ 11:31am 
Nomming Uki will help :3