Dr. Pinder Schloss (PhD in Steamacology SMC)   Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
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Our ferocious guard-dog Joey keeping the nasty purple elephants at bay
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Just an ordinary, friendly Joe who is 40 years young living an ordinary life in one of earth's most extraordinary places. I am blessed to wake each morning to see the mountains and the sea and the forests between. Some mornings I am even lucky enough to wake up above the clouds.

By day I am a senior QA (Quality Assurance) Manger for a large investment and life insurance group, by night I am the savior of many pixels.

I am a humanist so I don't care if you are Black, White, Gay, Straight, Muslim, Catholic, a Buddhist, Jewish, French, German, English, American, Arabic or a pot plant with pink hair. I value you because you are different and an individual in an ever increasing world that wants to remove individualism and install a herd-like mentality amongst its citizens so that we can continuously be divided as human beings. Brother against brother. Sister against sister. If we could remove all these rubbish labels that we as humans like to use then we ourselves could be god's.


Joey our pug has his own instagram account and if you wish to keep up with the adventures of Joey please follow us at:-



I use the favorite game as a placeholder for my favorite games for the current year and not necessarily my favorite game of all time.

Best games I played in 2018

01. A Hat in Time [PC]
02. Dishonored: Death of the Outsider [PC]
03. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings [PC]
04. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy [PS4]
05. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End [PS4]
06. Yooka-Laylee [PC]
07. Allumette [PS4-VR]
08. Heavy Rain [PS4]
09. Mafia II [PC]
10. A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV [PS4]
11. Invasion [PS4-VR]
12. Alan Wake [PC]

Best games I played in 2017

01. Dishonored 2 [PC]
02. The Last Guardian [PS4]
03. Mass Effect: Andromeda [PC]
04. Dishonored [PC]
05. Resident Evil 7 [PC]
06. Until Dawn [PS4]
07. What Remains of Edith Finch [PC]
08. Observer [PC]
09. The Evil Within 2 [PC]
10. Sonic Mania [PC]
11. Agents of Mayhem [PC]
12. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception [PS4]
13. NieR Automata [PC]
14. Tyranny [PC]
15. Dragon Age 2 [PC]
16. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS4)
17. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice [PC]
18. Vikings - Wolves of Midgard [PC]
19. The Witcher: Enhanced Edition [PC]
20. Cat Quest [PC]
21. Pinstripe [PC]
22. Last Day of June [PC]
23. Tomb Raider: Anniversary [PC]
24. Subsurface Circular [PC]
25. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor [PC]
26. Alienation [PS4]
27. L.A. Noire [PC]
28. inFAMOUS: First Light [PS4]
29. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune [PS4]

Worst games I played in 2017

01. Echo Tokyo: An Inro [PC]
02. A Normal Lost Phone [PC]
03. Among the Inoccent: A Striken Tale [PC]
04. Rise & Shine [PC]
05. Mirror's Edge [PC]

Games I have replayed and ranked in order of enjoyment

01. Tomb Raider (2013) [PC] - 2017
02. Rise of the Tomb Raider [PC] - 2017
Favorite Game
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Welcome to Boredom Falls
Review in under a minute
Alan Wake lands on the PC with all the sound of a hollow tree trunk falling somewhere deep in the forest. This horror pastiche of everything Stephen King is more yawn-inducing and forgettable than the bad episodes of the Twilight Zone it mimics at various points throughout the game under the guise of a TV program called "Night Falls". At least those episodes are done with tongue firmly planted in cheek where as the actual game itself wants you, the player, to take it seriously. I get what Remedy was going for here, but Alan Wake just isn't terribly good at anything it does from the grab-bag horror plot that would be a difficult sell to any publisher in the actual movie and book business to the achingly dull enemy encounters that run any enthusiasm for the game eventually into the ground. While the game looks good, Remedy completely fails at creating any kind of horror atmosphere with Alan Wake and what you are ultimately left with is a rather average action adventure game that was certainly not what I was expecting given how critics and gamers alike gushed about it upon release. Perhaps I enjoy my horror a little bit more horrific and/or cerebal (Alan Wake insults ones intelligence far too many times) that I was quite glad to finally see the back end of it. If there is to ever be a second game in the series, I certainly hope Remedy go a bit deeper than the superficial layer they inhabit here. If Alan Wake ever returns to the store then it is definitely one I recommend purchasing during a sale, although that looks unlikely due to the games music licensing agreements which is a shame since while it's great to feature music from indie artists, it's not so great when renewals for those agreements come around and the sale of your game no longer justifies having them in the first place so you just whip your game off every single digital storefront.
One word to sum up the experience
Performance/Bug related incidents
Granted the game is fairly old now so it should run very smoothly on modern hardware. I did not encounter any bugs or crashes during my playthrough
Similar to games
Quantum Break; Max Payne 1/2/3; The Evil Within 1/2; Silent Hill: Homecoming
Suitable for
People who enjoy horror and third person action adventures although it didn't do much for this lover of both.
Position in my games of 2018 cleared list
12th position

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Dr. Pinder Schloss (PhD in Steamacology SMC)

A PhD in Steamacology!?

That is great! People will respect you . . but imagine if you were to gift us games! Just imagine it for a sec . . .then you will not just get respect .. but love .. true love. And between Respect, Power and Love . . Love will always be greater.

Gift us games! Gift us games until it hurts! For pain = love
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Hi There :necroheart:
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Thank you! Of all the names, I think I like Faultyborne the most so far!
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