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In topic Add a translator for chat
Originally posted by zaphodikus:
No it does not cost "money", that's just a excuse for tyhe UI being so crappy that it makes it hard for users to co-operate - you cannot attach a money value to the work a community does.

Are you suggesting the translator should be a community effort?

Implementing, maintaining, and licensing for a decent solution costs money. And even the best translator sucks using "gamer language", short-hands, wrong interpunction, slang and most non-indoeuropean languages.
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Originally posted by Zefar:
For me it's more sad that people fall for these obvious scams. Do you give out creditcard information to someone who calls your number and claims to be from the bank? I'm guessing not.

And surprisingly enough people give away their SSN to some "insurane" or "health care" organisation via phone. Especially US veterans are currently targeted by those scammers. And "veteran" doesn't mean 60+.
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In topic Uhhhhhh
Also run a virus and malware check and change your password from a clean device (like your phone).
Originally posted by coolguy49:
Originally posted by Socialist Butterfly:
Are you in kindergarten? "He started it" stopped being an excuse for bad behavior when you were 5.
If he did it I can do it. See now you broke a steam rule.

Yes you can. You can do whatever you want on the forums. But you also have to bear the consequences.
Repeately insulting people, troll and flame bainting and arguing about moderation WILL get you a permanban at some point. I'm still baffled why you keep posting in the forum you constantly complain about. Take a break for now and cooldowna bit.
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You logged in a phishing site. Not Steam's fault. As a matter of fact, if you followed the link by clicking on the Steam profile, you should have seen a warning that you are about to leave Valve's domains and how to identify official Steam sites.
Originally posted by NoLifeDGenerate:
Originally posted by 999999999:
Doing that would make those publishers leave Steam just like EA did, mostly.

Good. Those games being on Steam defeats the whole purpose of it. This♥♥♥♥♥♥should've been handled differently. Blocking it might force the publishers to work around it rather than give up Steam revenue.

There are very few users who refrain from using anything but Steam. Very little lost revenue here. And they get the full profit instead of having to share with Valve.

I'll never get why people *want* Steam to become a monopoly ...
PUBG had its "release" late December.

Originally posted by Volucian:
Steam has many guidelines for vendors

Steam also has guidelines for customers/users. For example:
If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development.
Might be part of the fraud detection system. But there is no compelling reason for it to be required.
It doesn't?
Your payment provider might, however. What payment method are you using?
Jan 20 @ 12:10pm
In topic Street Fighter V Not Starting Up
Do you have 64-bit system as required? Or enough RAM?

You have run out addressable memory.
Jan 20 @ 12:02pm
In topic Scammer help
Originally posted by LowJack_VA1:
More over, the police and courts won't help you. They're actually busy with crimes like murder, arson, human trafficking.

Uhm, you know that there are more than one court? And more than one judge? A court handling civic affairs usually doesn't handle federal offenses.
Jan 20 @ 10:50am
In topic Sharing & Recommending
Why do you want to recommend games to random children?
Considering your other threads I guess you are talking about your child that is in the same home as you. I'm sure you can find the time to show him in person.

People usually don't react too well to unsolicted anything.
Jan 20 @ 4:23am
In topic steam support .....
Accounts werden nicht gehackt. Die Nutzer haben entweder Malware auf ihrer Maschine oder geben ihre Zugangsdaten in 3rd-Party Seiten ein.
Family Sharing hat nichts damit zu tun. Du loggst dich einmal mit dem teilenden Account auf dem anderen Rechner ein und dann steht deinem Kind deine Bibliothek zur Verfügung solange du selbst nicht spielst. Ansonsten besteht keine Verbindung zu den Accounts die irgendwie ausgenutzt werden könnte.
Originally posted by KEVYNE_KICKLIGHTER:
Originally posted by Start_Running:

Trailers have never been said to be actual game content. They are not to be taken as such unless otherwise stated.

Wrong. Why the big stink of these trailers because they do use pre-rendered content...

When ingame graphics and "culture" was/is like this...

My first thoughts too. Kinda.
Compare the awesome trailer to Wrath of the Lich King to the reality of standing 5 hours in a city LFG'ing, doing the same dailies every day or playing the auction house.

Most videos are marketing material and meant to peak your interest. Take the new Total War one for example.
Jan 20 @ 3:59am
In topic steam support .....
Originally posted by NotSoBad:
Family Sharing?
Family Sharing!

Games can't be transferred from one account to another. Steam support won't tell you anything different.
Originally posted by kepone:
It is dishonest of them to take advantage of trusting customers like this and hopefully the ACCC will crack down on them soon and give them another 3 million dollar fine.

Valve gives a clear warning on the store page. A big unique banner on every store page. A page you positively *have* to visit in order to buy the game. Compare that to or GOG (yeah, Steam is not the only - and not the first - platform selling games in development as people like to forget).

If there are people willing to buy stuff, someone will sell it to them.
Originally posted by Satoru:
Originally posted by LowJack_VA1:
After thinking about it, EA games are the only ones being asked to turn over code, so I guess AAA publishers are safe.

Its sort of interesting in that people 'demand' code, yet the one who demand it are literally the least qualified to even assess what the code actually does. Even if the code was 100% documented, properly indented and formatted, and was even actually readable, it would take a person MONTHS to actaully figure it all out before they could sit down and do actual 'work'

In the real world, code is 0% documented, is cobbled together with duct tape and bubblegum, has tons of hacks and 'it just works screw it' stuff.

Okay, first: remind to not apply at your company. Ever.
"You want our code? Here you go. Re♥♥♥♥tored and obfuscated just for you. "

Originally posted by Creadoris:
Originally posted by Snapjak:
The one thing that works.

Your suggestion would result in devs pushing out 1.0 regardless of the state of the game, then we just get a flood of crap like Space Base DF-9 and Edge of Space. Broken unfinished games. But hey, they're released!

Again, a possibility. Take Starforge for example.

Not a possibility. Reality.
The only once getting punished by any proposed "solution" I have seen by now are those hit by bad luck and those not morally bancrupt. Read: not the kind of developers you actually want to punish. Because they will find a loop hole to weasel out.

And you know what would be their first course of action? Not releasing in Early Access anymore. I mean, just look at the store now. Another achievement spammer, card dropper, asset flip, baby's first GameMaker project more or less? Who cares?
The problem is NOT Early Access.

Just look at how the situation on the store changed when Steam altered the trading card policy to discourage card droppers and fake games. You don't see a difference? Exactly.
Originally posted by Creadoris:
Originally posted by LowJack_VA1:
That's always confused me to. So many people blaming EA for doing things AAA publishers do all the time.

Why would that be considered a punishment if you could safely assume the developer has no intentions on finishing a product? You aren't taking anything from them. As for AAA titles, they have their own publishers, EA on the otherhand gets published through Steam. Yet again, hence this thread being on Steam, where the problem is and who has direct controll over it.

The code is still their property. They can use it in a follow-up project or even sell it to a major studio.
And Steam is a content provider. Not a publisher. Early Access also is no crowd funding. You make a purchase and get the game in the current state and every update it may receive - just like any other game on Steam. Neither the developers nor Steam owe you anything else.
Originally posted by Creadoris:
Originally posted by 999999999:
There is a report button on every Steam store page for you to report such things "IF" it is necessary.

Just because you don't like the game is NOT a valid use of the report button.

It is has nothing to do with my tastes or preferences. More, what the fate of a clearly abandonned EA game should be. But it would seem some people would sooner accept the rules, like gormless sheep rather than address what is becoming more and more previlent on steam.

And what makes EAcc games different from "normal" games that they deserve such a punishment? Nothing. Well, you are warned about them in before.
I dare say that the number of "released" games with severe problems and cut content that no longer receive support dwarves the number of Early Access games.
Originally posted by Creadoris:
Also IP has nothing to do with the game code.

Incorrect. It is.. [/quote]

Pretty much any older Id game has been made open source. The rights to the IPs still lay with Id Software/Zenimaxx.
Also Star Wars Jedi Knight 1 & 2 are open source. Disney will still sue your♥♥♥♥♥♥if you use the Star Wars IP without licensing it.
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