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Mar 13 @ 11:26pm
In topic Campaign videos (Normal difficulty)
Col-Sec military compound, Part 2. The squad splits, Doc with two turrets hold enemies in north west part, and even progress a bit to north. When Rico, Lion and Scat progress quickly to East and North East, until they retreat even faster to regroup.Then the full squad closes the sewers entrances at North West and stops enemies coming from East.

The video is edited to cut some pause/thinking parts.
Mar 12 @ 12:44pm
In topic Campaign videos (Normal difficulty)
Col-Sec military compound, Part 1. Mission done by Reserve Squad. The start position is rather tricky, at a first attempt the team get quickly overloaded by moving out too fast with enemies coming from 3 directions. This second attempt is extremely cautious and overuses the turrets, but that's a tricky start place.

The video is edited to cut some pause/thinking parts.
Yeah I understand the necessary of a release to achieve something concrete from a project too long already.

From a campaign play point of view, it's fine, for a campaign replay, for those missions it will be more in middle of a RPG and a Roguelite. But there's also the skirmish mode. The campaign seems rather long so for me it's fine, but it's not fitting fully the lack of manual saves and the gravity (in my opinion, no certitude) to lost even just one soldier. But yeah no game is perfect :-) and USC has plenty very good aspects.

More spicy, mmm I'll see, in last missions, I didn't achieved them without at least one load back.
Yes, it could have been some random seed too. It's rather classical in Roguelike to have many partially fixed layouts to orient the random procedure generation. In USC I suppose a part of the problem was to mix this approach with maps that can't be too large, and produce a result on tactical/strategical design of the mission.

The last point is the major aspect from the campaign point of view. Generate maps with more variations but that end to be very similar strategically/tactically all along a campaign, is a severe weakness, and that is frequent in indie Roguelite. They tend use mainly only the enemies design and stuff evolution (character building, equipment) to generate a campaign that isn't a series of similar levels, but it's rarely working well.

All those arena games are facing the problem, the map design is just an arena and this limits a lot the diversity. At reverse when combats design is very linked and dependent to the map design, it's harder to manage it with random procedural generation but it can enhance a lot the combats depths and diversity.
Mar 11 @ 5:31am
In topic Campaign videos (Normal difficulty)
Technology labs, Part 1. Bravo Commando does the mission. This is the third attempt for the mission, but previous attempts video aren't published. The team stop tough waves of aliens, and they progress but only a bit. At end of this part, it's like waves of big aliens will never dry out.

The video is edited to cut some pause/thinking parts.
Technology labs, Part 2, end of mission. It's not really the end of that mission, the last recording was only collecting and take the datadisc and isn't published. In this second part there's still a strong alien resistance until last parts of the video.

The video is edited to cut some pause/thinking parts.
As I replayed a few missions, I noticed some a quite randomly generated, but some other seems not much randomly generated for the map layout. So I wondered if some missions of the campaign had a smaller random variation to ensure some setup/thematic, or if those maps was based on a campaign random seed.
Mar 11 @ 3:32am
In topic Switches without any security door?
Thanks for the answer. After to have done another mission requiring to take a datadisc, I remind those missions often require unlock a door to access the room with the disc.

In that case the room was already opened on multiple sides, aliens had broken a wall and a door. It's quite possible the broken door was the locked door but the special visual of such door was totally or partially hidden by materials and I didn't noticed.
Mar 11 @ 12:41am
In topic Why this game is never on sale?
Originally posted by bambaladam:
But I know that making infninte procedurally generated world is easier than handcrafting each location.
LOL, players can wrote so dumb things, that's hard to believe.

The point is for now 3D procedurally generated is at low bottom in term of quality and procedurally generated. I haven't seen a single game doing it properly as few Iso games did it, and even less any doing it very well as multiple 3D and topdown did it.

It's obviously very difficult so a lot of work, and current technics require a lot of hand crafting plus a lot of procedurally generated crafting.
Mar 11 @ 12:28am
In topic Still tagged Mac/Linux on wikiped lol
I bought the game because it was looking interesting but also because it was going to be released on Mac, it seems the dev failed do it, my fault to have buy a game on such promise. I learn, so I try not do it anymore.

There's a perverse effect, games that promise or let think there will be probably a Mac release get a delayed buy from myself if it would have been game I would have buy for Windows play.

What's sure is I don't buy anymore indie Windows games as Dragon Fin Soup, not that it is bad, but it's just a Roguelite/Roguelike with cool graphics, fine to play sometimes on my main computer, not fine for playing on Windows.
Mar 10 @ 2:14am
In topic Single player?
Really? Fun in single player? F2P + focus on Multiplayer generally mean tedious single player mode so I almost skip it automatically. Ok at least I could try a bit the game.
Mar 9 @ 3:29pm
In topic Switches without any security door?
In mission Eastern communication relay there was switches but I wonder what was their use because I failed find any security door. Eventually it unlocked the ability to take a datadisc required by the mission but I have doubts.
Mar 9 @ 3:24pm
In topic Campaign videos (Normal difficulty)
Eastern communication relay, Part 3, end of mission. Last combats, close last sewers exit, collect and take the datadisc. The real end of mission was a few after the end of video, it probably requires to bring back one soldier at start point.

The video is edited to cut some pause/thinking parts.
Mar 8 @ 3:32pm
In topic Campaign videos (Normal difficulty)
Eastern communication relay, Part 2. The teams progress to control more area and close the sewers.

The video is edited to cut some pause/thinking parts.
On Western side Tactical RPG suffered the more global banishment of turn based in RPG that occurred during the beginning of the 00's if not since the end of the 90's. But it's difficult to affirm that it's mainly a miss evaluation of the mainstream industry. Players evolution could be as well the culprit. Or a series of circumstances could have trigger the brutal evolution.

Some years before RTS had already blow up the TBS market, TBS relegated to niche markets more or less restricted to the wargame area.

So what you see as a Tactic RPG vanishing is a more global turn based vanishing.

From this base, the main industry was zero hope for TB RPG and TBS, even indie market wasn't prolific with TB RPG, and for wargame it was a niche market.

And then came crowd funding in video games, and the new XCOM series. In my opinion it's the two major events that changed hugely the landscape. Not bringing back turn based to mass market, but bringing back turn based to the video game industry and that includes indie games.

Alas in majority the teams bringing back turn based, had few talents in their ranks to produce real quality tactical gameplay. With so many years without tactical turn based games, the art of doing them get more or less lost, and try clone past but bother adapt it to present, doesn't replace pure high level skills for such design type.
Yes get it this time, not in spam box. Weird, but I also send an email to support some time ago, without answers. :-) Ok problem solved, thanks.
Mar 4 @ 11:11pm
In topic Linux/Mac support
Originally posted by Event Horizon:
We encountered a potential game-breaking bug in Mac version last minute, so decided to check carefully first instead of launching and hoping that it will not happen.
Gee that's not cool. But if you don't let it fall, it's ok, anyway I must admit I'm not super fan of Early Access.
Mar 4 @ 10:05pm
In topic Campaign videos (Normal difficulty)
Eastern communication relay, second attempt, Part 1. A rather defensive or cautious beginning, mainly holding start position against enemies waves. At end of this part, a small progressing to west.

The video is edited to cut some pause/thinking parts.
Mar 4 @ 12:24pm
In topic Campaign videos (Normal difficulty)
Eastern communication relay, first attempt. It started not that bad, and I think it's mainly one bad decision that made it really wrong, and generated a soldier death. First attempt because after this death I just load back a save before the mission, to try again.

The video is edited to cut some pause/thinking parts.
So that's the end of the fake permadeath play of the campaign. I'll continue normally. In case you wonder, I do a save before each mission, and at end of any play session during a mission, typically a play session is between 45mn and 1H30, it's most often because I want a break and need stop the recording. Normal game sessions would be more between 1H30 an 3H+.
Ok I'll take care when going deeper in aliens territory, but I don't use (yet) turrets as armor. Still when I use them for overwatch, which is rather often, they need be more or less in front because of friendly fire.
Mar 4 @ 7:57am
In topic Campaign videos (Normal difficulty)
Salvage ops, Part 4. Some collecting and less combats, but Scat almost died. It's only when watching the video that I understood why, I moved here close to a burning barrel full of oil. The flame was hiding the symbol showing it was full, it was probably on a ground with oil burning.

The video is edited to cut some pause/thinking parts.
Salvage ops, Part 5, end of mission. Only collecting and killing a few alien eggs.

The video is edited to cut some pause/thinking parts.
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