asd fgh   Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
if you have any questions or you want to talk about simpleradar please leave comment on my profile im not adding everyone
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+rep Good radar
Pls add Office :)
Jo1Nt 19. led. v 2.35 dop. 
it is up to date
mishga 18. led. v 8.56 dop. 
pls update your radars
crafty ;R 16. led. v 1.34 dop. 
thanks for the work.please remove the barrel from the dust2. (midl doors to b)
RiZZO 15. led. v 10.54 dop. 
Ik thats the joke theres a meme sub reddit called r/paidforwinrar
Jo1Nt 15. led. v 8.34 dop. 
you dont have to pay for winrar