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big dick richie Aug 16 @ 1:57pm 
hey can you do me a favor

tell your friend, this guy:

to turn off his computer if he goes AFK (away from keyboard)

he keeps fucking going afk on arena mode on Team fortress 2, on servers that dont have an afk manager or vote kick option. he's not only a wasted player space, but generally he's pissing off the entire community.
Reclaimer Aug 16 @ 12:33pm 
I'm going to give you legal nightmares.
big dick richie Jul 24 @ 3:03am 
I FUCKING SHOUTED a little at the team and said "BLYAD, SUKA, CALM THE FUCK DOWN, SHUT UP AND FUCKING LISTEN TO ME. WE'RE GONNA FUCK THEM IN THE ASS, JUST DO WHAT I FUCKING SAY". After I said it, some kind of a fucking divine power gave me strength, I dropped down to pop twice, fucked dupreeh in the ass no chance, guys joined in and we fucked em up. That's kinda how it went.
big dick richie Jul 1 @ 8:24am 
holy fuck kid go outside and talk to some actual human beings, I've never seen someone so fucking triggered over some words over the internet. how is it possible that you're that offended? you can hear the girl laughing in the stream, meanwhile you're fucking furious because your greasy ass neckbeard can't get a single member of the opposite gender to even glance at you. stop white knighting and fucking grow up you giant virgin
big dick richie May 26 @ 10:37am 
black dessert online
big dick richie May 24 @ 7:14pm 
Basically I want to become a hobo in Japan. I'm sick of my home country, all the people around, the society, the entertainment here, the politics, the weather, the scenery, IM SICK OF EVERYTHING!!! I just wanna run away so bad but I don't have too much money at the moment. Someone tell me how much money I'll need to start my hobo journey. Im fine with sleeping manga cafes, capsule hotels, a box, just anything where I can have a place to lie down and some sort of roof on top.

And dont talk to me anything about getting more educated. Ive done high school but Im sick of education and Im not gonna study 1 day more. I can talk a little bit of japanese.

PS: If ur here to tell me how stupid my idea is then go ahead but Im not gonna change my mind