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gg ez piece of norway shit , next time maybe you will get better and than you can mess with us bby <3
ichbins Nov 17 @ 2:31am 
gg ez you piece of shit
BananaBread Nov 15 @ 2:06am 
2300 hours and still to high up on your own horse to admit a simple mistake. IN PLAT III. LOL. 2300 hours. PLAT III WTF
BananaBread Nov 15 @ 2:05am 
Your car control is so bad, you cant even brake when driving 1 km per hour. All you do is mindlesly want to slam the ball to the enemy, cause you know you cant control the ball 1 second yourself. And you have the nerve to shittalk when 2300 hours in? LOL
BananaBread Nov 15 @ 2:04am 
2300 hours and you talk about car control? LOL, you cant even reach D3 man. wtf. You are a joke
Chorlton Nov 1 @ 12:46pm 
lacks basic motor functions and missed two basically stationary balls