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PAT The Whale Mar 22 @ 10:43am 
I'm a French guy that likes to play TF2 a lot and I'd like to participate in the Fresh Meat tournament in your team.
I almost have 1000 hours, am P2P, and I tried competitive on FaceIt (Monthly Unranked Ladder), but I haven't played many games.
I almost always have time in the evening, but Highschool homework might take my time.
I have a functionnal mic and headset, I don't have a baguette accent (hon hon hon), I speak English and German fluidly, and am open to improvement. I also know the competitive terminology.
I prefer playing Demoman and Soldier (Pocket, but I can be roamer too if really needed), but I won't turn off playing Medic.
If you want more info, go on and ask me!
Mideus Mar 22 @ 12:57am 
Hi i live in poland i have around 800 h in the game, i main soldier i do play everyday,
( mge , tf2centre) i have a good and working micro. Contact me for mor.
some fat poptart Mar 21 @ 11:25pm 
Hey i live in Canada
I main solder and scout I have
1500 hours+ I play Every day I watch a lot of comp, plus I can play when ever please at least consider me if u want more information just contacted me.
Hello, i'm from Canada and i would love to join your team for the fresh meat cup! I have a decent amount of playtime in tf2 but i never dwelled deep in the competitive because it always seemed a bit overwhelming for me.

I'm good at both engie and Soldier, and can pull off a decent Demo or Medic performance once in a while.

I will say that my biggest challenge to overcome in the competitive scene will be to improve my gamesense and also work on rollouts, as i have a lot of trouble pulling these off.

I hope you will consider me for your team! thanks!
Kha'zix Mar 21 @ 7:30pm 
Hello, I'm from the United States. I am a fairly average player with a lot of hours, never delved into the world of proper competitive TF2. I have good game knowledge, and can certainly make some good plays, but fairly often my aim and tracking can be quite bad. (Maybe I never found the right mouse sens.) I am willing to learn more and improve my skills at TF2.

Engineer is probably my best class, since I am good at positioning and using the shotgun. On the contrary, sniper is easily my worst class since I can't aim.

I am competent with demo, scout, and soldier. (I am really bad at rocket jumping though) so I can fill any of those roles. Besides the generalist classes, I am fairly good at spy when I actually hit my revolver shots, and am mediocre at medic, pyro, and heavy.

I look forward to talking more to you about the possibility of playing competitive. Thank you!
[Koshi's Forru] Kody Mar 21 @ 5:25pm 
Yo! I'm Kody and I'd love to join your team! I would consider myself fresh meat, haha, and I really am down to play any class that you need me to (although I am really no good at Heavy or Spy.) any other class works!