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Posted: Aug 28, 2015 @ 9:10pm
Updated: Jan 23 @ 3:58pm

And that's why there is early access. With the latest builds, GUI bugs are gone, the app is rock solid and responsive.....and doesn't crash.

Having played more of the game now, it is awesome. There is a surpsing amount of depth amount of depth in the skill trees if you dig. But you don't really have to...the game is structurally simple enough to drag along a casual player or two, and a rudimentary crafting system is in play.

If anything, there are a couple of things that go against the totally casual game proposal. I don't see an option to auto-divide loot.

And the constant communications with the app are a pretty hefty battery burner. Anker will become your best friend ever. Otherwise, the game is fun, the character interaction and secret options are still cute, and.....Did you just loot that chest? I need 3 more Precious Items for.....Fine, I'm kill stealing these two guys. Not entirely casual, but totally quite a bit of fun.

Updated review Below...................................

Since our original sessions with the game, we have been completely unable to play. The IOS app refuses to work. Period. Connections only last a second or so, and we've spent a couple of hours messing with different Iphones, Ipads, and two windows machines as well as different Wifi options.

Nothing works. Currently, the developer's support forums is offline with a SQL error. So yeah, screw this game.

Original review below........................................................

This is a little like a lightweight Neverwinter/Baldurs Gate with a designed exclusively tailored for local co op play.

Basically, you are all using your smart phones as combination mice and inventory management screens. We saw a fair number of UI glitches in the IOS app, but nothing more than minor annoyances. Sound and graphics are ok, but the iOS mouse interface is amazingly responsive.

The game itself is about two hours for the first quest. Combat is very Baldurs gate, except that all characters can move an attack simultaneously. Combat goes FAST and doesn't slog.

The shining point here is how much the game feels like a computer aided D&d session. The second screens also pop up with secret quests, individual responses and reactions just for that character. Just like a GM passed you a private note. Player dialogue is not voiced, but pops up ONLY on your screen and you are expected to say it in your best full-on Renn Fair voice. This is totally stupid and totally awesome, especially when the dialogue goes all high fantasy cliche.

loot is also handled by whoever opens the chest getting stuff. There is a trade option, or you can just keep it. No fair sharing. Except that the other players can easily reach over and dump a beer on your head if you are too annoying.

Character options are also pretty deep and a little baffling. There are 6 trees for each character, split between skills and equipment upgrades. I cannot see where any of this is documented anywhere. This also contains a bit of a UI sin in that you really have to scroll around to see all of your upgrade options. These aren't well described in the game at all, mostly a short blurb and some symbols and numbers. Could really use a manual.
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