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Posted: Aug 31, 2016 @ 1:49pm

Simply put, this game was the biggest let down because of the enormous hype it had built before release. I've honestly never in my life been so disappointed with a game I purchased at launch. Sure, they can patch it to hell and back but the core game itself should not be this terrible.
Survival in an infinitely generated universe with a far from infinite inventory system. How can the creators of this game expect players to enjoy themselves when every interaction with anything involves hearing a robotic voice saying "Inventory full" or "No more room in inventory". Seriously, they give you the equivelant of a starter backpack in WoW (16 slots) and hours later, you've MAYBE upgraded by 2 slots. Not only that, but all your upgrades STAY in your inventory, hogging a slot that could be carrying useful elements.
This is not a $60 game. This isn't even a $15 game in a steam sale at 75% off. You're better off and far more likely to be satisfied buying take-out than ever buying this game.
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