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Jun 28 @ 2:55pm
In topic Beta Update: Version b02
Here are my thoughts on the changes.

I like that Helios and Princess Remedy need to be activated now, but increasing their durations by 1 is a big buff. The change to Simulacrum X also indirectly buffs these cards, since Simulacrum X was one of the only ways to deal with the Passel/Helios/Remedy combo. Remedy and Helios were already slightly too strong, and now they're even stronger.

Metonym got a buff, even though it wasn't too weak before. It's not that hard to place it where it won't resolve, or you can just save it to use as a finisher when your opponent has 2 health left. It's basically just a card that does 2 damage on placement now.

In the previous version, self damage decks were strong, but not too strong. Now I think they're too strong. You can still have 3 cards that take advantage of self damage. Simulacrum X doesn't work with the 'take 1 damage' cards, but it's much stronger with plasma hydra. I think the most significant buff to self damage decks is that Simulacrum X can no longer be used as a counter to Business Casual Man, so Business Casual Man is much less likely to get removed.

I like the nerf to Hyperdusa, which was probably a bit too strong before, but I think placement effects as a whole are stronger now. Most of the nerfs were on cards that were already weak, like Fire Sword and Orka. At the same time, Metonym got buffed, Cyber Jenny was left unchanged, Plasma Hydra got indirectly buffed by making self damage decks better, and That Guy is probably about as strong as it was before.

Overall, I think the game isn't as well balanced as it was in the previous version. Some of the best cards got stronger, and one of the only two counters to Passel/Helios/Remedy/BCM got changed. The winner is often determined by which player draws the overpowered cards and combos first. That's partly because the best deck now is heavily reliant on self damage combos.

I do think that the old Simulacrum X was too powerful, so I'm kind of glad that it was changed, but I think there should be other ways to remove or silence cards. I think targeted removal/silence cards should be stronger than Razzle Dazzle, but weaker than Dumped X.

The cards that I think need nerfs are Potato, Cyber Jenny, Helios, Princess Remedy, Metonym, and maybe That Guy and Dumped X. I also think self damage decks should be nerfed, preferably in a way that limits how strong they are when they get a good draw, rather than reducing the consistency of getting good draws.
Showing 1-1 of 1 entries