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Mark da real 28yo   Switzerland

Fps and Racing Freak + Early access supporter )))

One life plus 3 billion games, you gotta love it )))
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love the lightning and hand model here
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TheDudes Profile :
Now for me :

I am an gamer who started in 1993.

First console : Game boy.

Games :
-Super mario land
-Super mario land 2
-Super mario land 3 : Wario Land
-Wario 2
-Wario 3

-Donkey Kong Land
-Donkey kong Land 2
-Donkey kong Land 3

2nd console : playstation 1, 1997, christmas heaven.

-Medievil 2
-Metal gear solid
-Klonoa door to phantomile
-Final fantasy 7

3rd playable machine, PC . started 1998

-Sim city 2000
-Sim city 3000
-Soldier of fortune

and all to follow

2001 E3 was a blast, Max payne 1 trailer, NYPD. a shock in my world

July 2001, max payne 1 comes out, finish the game in 1 week (hard game).

2002 : the elder scrolls 3 : morrowind, my first RPG on PC, a blast, years of gaming.

Playstation 2 + metal gear solid 2 : gaming will change forever.

2004 : best year for pc gaming ever, FAR CRY 1 blows our heads before even the mastodonte DOOM 3 comes out, next gen graphics, DOOM 3 will fallow couple month later and terror us to death.

2006 : Xbox 360.

-Gears of War
-Lost Planet
-Call of duty 3
-Forza 2
-Call of duty 4

I am losing all my nights drinking whisky with my team on gears of war, PUNiSHER team. we are number 1 team several times on xbox 360 gamer. Pure french team, pure idiots.

2007 : i get my playstation 3 the day it comes out, 23 febuary 2007, with three games. price : 1000 swiss francs.

-Virutal fighter 5
-Resistance : fall of a man

2008 : nintendo wii with all mario games + klonoa 1 remake.

2011 : PS Vita with Everybody's golf, uncharted golden abyss and wipeout 2048

2014 : Playsation 4 in my room.

-Infamous second son
-Killzone shadow fall
-Metal gear solid V : ground zero

2016 : Xbox One : Full hd LED Panasonic TV.

-Forza 5
-Forza 6
-Halo 5
-Quantum Break

2017 : Back on PS4

-Uncharted 4
-Ratchet & Clank
-The Last Guardian
-Final Fantasy 15
-Crash Bandicoot N'sane Trilogy
-Wipeout Omega Collection

Story will continue...... on and on ^^
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A resort out in the nature where terrorists live. Take em all down !!!
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Hellbishop 16 hours ago 
Summer is coming and so is... BATTLETECH by HBS.
TheDude747 ( ( ) 23 hours ago 
God there's an orgy on my profil )))

Guy's its not summer yet ease your temper )) LOOL
Hellbishop Feb 21 @ 9:22am 
@ Pyro, strong words and alive with potent life. Thanks for the guiding enriching moment :whiterun:
Hellbishop Feb 21 @ 9:18am 
@ ♠ VII ♠, I'll never be a dirt crawling Kurita snake! Black Widow Company forever!

Just kidding. House Kurita is one of my favorites along with Davion and Steiner. Sad though how Steiner strayed into betrayal and have evolved into a more darker shade of their old selves after Hans Davion's death.

House Kurita really knows how to bring on carnage of enemy armies as well as their own population like when they slaughtered almost all of Kentares IV on orders of Jinjiro Kurita after the assassination of Coordinator Minoru Kurita during the first succession war.
That man you were,
And with the age level you were
You have five requisitions
And therefore choose five
Evil, lies, boasting,
Idleness and extravagance -
Here are five enemies, know.
But reason and kindness,
Tenacity, humility and work
I will not betray the trust
Be clean, stay away from evil
It acts strive light. - Mukhtar Auezov
♠ VII ♠ Feb 17 @ 7:40pm 
Yeah but why are you Wolfs Dragoons? if you ever want to leave that mercenary life, come over to House Kurita!