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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Nov 14, 2015 @ 2:04pm

Flight of the Crane

Jump from the Crane
Unlocked Dec 6, 2015 @ 2:29pm

My left or your left?

Meet with Rais
Unlocked Oct 6 @ 12:29pm

Snake in the grass

Escape the arena
Unlocked Oct 6 @ 2:54pm


Reach the Old Town
Unlocked Oct 7 @ 10:26am

Making Faces

Show the outside world that you're still alive
Unlocked Oct 7 @ 3:21pm

Tied loose end

Deal with Tahir
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 9:48am

Now You Can Come In

Find Camden
Unlocked Oct 7 @ 4:17pm


Activate the Amplifier
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 11:34am


Complete the game
Unlocked Oct 7 @ 2:41pm

The Whole Story

Finish all side quests
Unlocked Oct 6 @ 6:56am

Disaster Recovery

Get 15 Relief Packages
Unlocked Oct 7 @ 8:21am

We're All In This Together

Save 15 survivors from zombies
Unlocked Oct 7 @ 1:28pm

Bolter Hunting

Catch 5 Bolters
Unlocked Oct 3 @ 7:08am

Trade Company

Sell items worth 10,000 dollars
Unlocked Oct 7 @ 9:44am

Now It's Safe

Capture all Safe Zones
Unlocked Oct 4 @ 8:34am


Run (move or sprint) at least 42,195 m
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 12:11pm

Mount Everest

Climb at least 8848 meters on various objects.
Unlocked Nov 14, 2015 @ 1:46pm

Is It Really Necessary?

Kill your first Infected
Unlocked Dec 6, 2015 @ 12:46pm

Everybody Dance Now

Simultaneously shock 5 monsters with electricity
Unlocked Oct 3 @ 11:42am

Can't Touch This

Kill 20 enemies in a row without taking damage.
Unlocked Oct 4 @ 10:24am

This is Harraaaaan!

Kill 100 enemies by kicking them off the rooftops/cliffs.
Unlocked Dec 6, 2015 @ 1:11pm

Mouths Wide Open

Kill a Volatile
Unlocked Oct 7 @ 10:19am

Hush, Hush Now

Quiet a Screamer
Unlocked Oct 7 @ 8:32am


Stick a burning zombie on spikes
Unlocked Oct 4 @ 9:58am

A Game of Catch

Kill 50 enemies with throwing weapons
Unlocked Oct 4 @ 8:32am

Harran Shooting Club

Kill 50 enemies with shooting weapons
Unlocked Oct 6 @ 10:58am


Catch 25 enemies in the Electric Fence trap
Unlocked Oct 3 @ 12:37pm

Prom Night

Survive night pursuit of level two or higher
Unlocked Nov 14, 2015 @ 1:50pm

Little Craftsman

Craft your first item
Unlocked Oct 3 @ 10:55am

Master Crafter

Use Blueprints at least 100 times
Unlocked Dec 6, 2015 @ 1:30pm

Open Sesame

Perform 10 successful Lockpicks
Unlocked Oct 3 @ 11:07am

Everybody Knows Kyle

Reach Survivor Rank lvl 12
Unlocked Oct 3 @ 11:07am

The Legend of Harran

Reach Survivor Rank lvl 18
Unlocked Oct 4 @ 11:40am


Reach Agility Prof. Lvl 10
Unlocked Oct 3 @ 12:40pm


Reach Power Prof. Lvl 10
Unlocked Dec 6, 2015 @ 12:26pm

I've Got Your Back

Complete 1 quest in a co-op game
Unlocked Oct 7 @ 2:28pm

Gabriel's Sword

Add a fire elemental effect to a sword or a khopesh
Unlocked Oct 6 @ 1:31pm

A Long Way Down

Jump to the water from the Infamy Bridge (Slums) at night
Unlocked Oct 7 @ 2:24pm

Pearls in the Mud

Open 5 GRE chests in Quarantine Zones

Homo Homini Lupus Est

Save 15 survivors from Rais's men
6 / 15

I'm a Runner and a fighter

Complete 15 Agility or Power Challenges
6 / 15

Lucky 7

Win 7 coop competitions
0 / 7

Harran Athletics

Take part in 10 coop competitions
0 / 10


Complete all Quarantine Zones
1 / 8

Blinded by the Lights

Blind 25 Volatiles with flares or a flashlight
12 / 25

High Flyer

Kill 25 enemies using Ground Pound or Drop Attack
17 / 25

Judo Master

Throw 50 enemies with Grapple
6 / 50


Blind 25 enemies in the Light Trap
0 / 25

It's All In the Writing

Find all text collectibles
28 / 67


Complete 5 quests in a single co-op game with the same 3 partners

Italian Plumber

Kill an enemy with a wrench, using Vault followed by Drop Attack

The Boy Who Could Run

Complete all Parkour Fever Challenges
0 / 10

GD Parkour Instructor

Complete all Parkour Fever Challenges at night
0 / 10

Get the Bozak

Complete Bozak's challenges

Together Till the End

Be the last man standing

Electric Whisper

Learn how to craft Electric Arrows

Things That Go Ka-Boom

Learn how to craft Exploding Arrows

Robin Hood Theory

Score 10 headshots on Rais's men with a bow
0 / 10

Afraid to get wet?

Dive into the Countryside.

And you liked him, didn't you?

Meet your old friend again.

I was waiting for you for so long

Become a Faceless.

Sweaty palms?

Kill a Demolisher with a car.

It wasn't that hard, was it?

Win Bilal's race.

What if you picked the other one?

Make that call.

I felt your presence

Witness the Following's meeting.

You realize it's only points, don't you?

Reach Driver Rank 12.

Formidophobic? Interesting…

Destroy 50 scarecrows.
0 / 50

I don't approve of mindless fun

Kill 500 zombies with your vehicle.
0 / 500