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Bill Tracks Nov 18 @ 6:16pm 
Give you an idea.
Byron Nov 8 @ 3:06pm 
I have an idea for an item (that might be crazy, but hear me out.) a "Halloween Hallower Kit," it would let halloween items be able to be worn outside of Halloween mode/A full moon.
Kacperius Nov 7 @ 9:38am 
+rep nice friend
[Salty] Jail Dog Nov 5 @ 10:58am 
+rep all your work is great hope the items from the frontline are gonna be added
Nick Nov 3 @ 9:32am 
+rep i had no idea you had a huge hand in so many items, i wish to do what you do some day.
marketplace.tf/shop/miaud Oct 31 @ 2:20pm 
Interested in the collector quality stuff
Ðogelot Oct 30 @ 2:11pm 
What stats for the Artillery sentry you would like?
Rullisi Oct 29 @ 10:43pm 
+Rep for all you do.
Your Brain Oct 29 @ 7:20pm 
Out of all the weapons you made, out of ALL THE GREAT MODELS AND SUBMISSIONS, you had a banana get in the game.

Wolfgang Oct 28 @ 12:08pm 
I really love the Cadaver's Coat submission you made, I hope someday it will be accepted, thank you :)
Turtle Turtle and Turtle Oct 28 @ 10:58am 
need help sent friend request
Cerint Oct 22 @ 1:34pm 
Wanted to ask wether you could give me some feedback over a pattern idea i had for tf, aswell as some technical help since i don't know how to check the pattern ingame! :D
If possible add me :P

Greetings from Germany
KNOWLEDGE!!! Oct 22 @ 1:24am 
The bannana is a close favorite next to my festive sandvich, thank you!!
-GoV- dak1ne s>3 unus Oct 21 @ 9:18am 
Congratz mate on the add :D love that banana, my hoovy is happy !
Strno8 Oct 20 @ 3:35am 
Hello added you coz i see you are artist like me and i have few questions
Gadget Oct 19 @ 11:25am 
You can move the mod files over to SFM. Just use the same folder structure.
Biba Oct 19 @ 1:31am 
Added regarding Heavy Artillery model. Was hoping that you have a seperate model for SFM.
Dr. Plague Oct 7 @ 4:02pm 
Added for help on modelling, I am pretty sure you remember me and I'd like to learn to model, so I can make things myself, I'd love you to teach me!
2Cha/Sad-Fat-Man Oct 4 @ 11:08am 
Hello. Gonna add you in my friendlist because I love your works and and I want to see you online in my steam notifications.
Ze Frosty Bonix |trade.tf| Oct 3 @ 11:19am 
Man I'm in love ur winter hats
kitmen gold Oct 2 @ 9:34am 
omg you making great hats
Hungry Puppy :D Sep 25 @ 6:48am 
m8 u are a god at making workshop items :)
ZombieGuildford Sep 23 @ 10:43am 
The VMF is complete. Includes the folloing: Turntable, Buffers, Sleepers, Dammaged Rails.
Gadget Sep 17 @ 9:27am 
No worries, I'm busy with Halloween stuff anyway.
ZombieGuildford Sep 17 @ 9:14am 
Sorry. I will send you the map file I've just been really busy with school.
robrogineer Sep 17 @ 7:57am 
dear Gadget. hello! my name is robrogineer and i rly need the models for the artillery sentry for to use in gmod, the only problem is i cant find the models on the zip you can download on gamebanana, can you please give me these models to download? thx a lot!
ßετα™ Sep 9 @ 11:32am 
Dude. I just wanted to say that i think your ideas are awesome
Gadget Sep 4 @ 8:41am 
Great to hear that you're using the pack! I'm most certainly willing to add more pieces. However I'm currently busy with Halloween items and a map of my own so it's going to take a while. What I need from you is a vmf with some rough brush work for the parts that you need so I know the dimensions. I'd suggest you go on with your map and include placeholders (said rough brush work) wherever you need a new piece and then we can replace them later on. Just make sure to stay on the grid as much as possible.
ZombieGuildford Sep 4 @ 4:02am 
Hi. Gadget I was wondering about your Railroad Track models pack and how you say on the download page "If you need additional pieces just let me know" And was wondering if you could expand the pack.

I've just started a map called Koth Rodos which is centered around a shunting yard. A british one if I can find someone to model some British engines and Rolling stock. It's creation was inspired purely by the track pack and my lust to use it but it could do with some addition.

It would benifit from the inclusion of: Buffers, Damaged or broken Track, seprates sleepers / ties and a turntable. There are other things I have in mind but we should start with these.

Thank you -ZombieGuildford
Gadget Sep 1 @ 1:04pm 
Thanks for your efforts! However, the sounds are not very fitting for TF2 and the sentry. They are too realisitc. The explosions sound more like bombs going off and the shooting sounds very much like a rifle, not like a turret.
Captain Maggot Sep 1 @ 11:17am 
Hello, it's (again) about artillery sentry. I made a first version of the blueprint as well as made some songs when it fires. (yes...I really am interested in it)


(sounds directly comes from a lewis gun (firing songs) and the rocket firing song is an howitzer firing sound)
Gadget Aug 26 @ 1:16pm 
Well, I'm gonna have to ask "Why?". I don't think 20th century pop culture is very fitting for TF2. Show me some concepts of what you have in mind.
DeadNexus_ Aug 26 @ 1:06pm 
Sorry to disturb your work Gadget, you must be busy with your own work and must be tired after all the great frontline content that you made, I just wanted to ask if you could be interested in making a cosmetic in the style that fits 20th century pop culture.

Why you may ask. I dropped a community project idea a few days ago and it grew bigger and bigger really fast. Some great content creators are already showing their support and I was wondering if you also could help out. With a few cosmetics we can show many people what they can expect. There is no haste of course.

Contact me if you want to :)
Gadget Aug 24 @ 10:57pm 
Done. Check your inventory
Emolga Aug 24 @ 5:54pm 
Hello, I have a problem! I didn't get Mappers vs Machines medal because my friend posted my old profile URL, leading to a missing page, now I changed it to that one but I still didn't get the medal! Is my fault for changing my profile URL btw, could you send me one please?


My entry is Intersection, if you check my inventory, I dont have the medal but everyone else yes!

Thanks and good day!
IIEnderDragonsII Aug 23 @ 9:02pm 
Hi Gadget, was wondering if I could add you for a colaboration on a new TF2 sentry design (complete with ideas for completely new mechanics and game-changing stat ideas)
Goldhorn Aug 22 @ 7:58pm 
I don't quite have a reason to add you, I've just gone through the list of entries in the Mappers vs Machines contest and adding them, Possibly for future MvM matches together maybe?
Well. It's worth a shot.
brutalalal Aug 22 @ 12:26pm 
@Mojo, Arms Race isnt run by Valve, it's run by the community. It's not a 100% guarantee to be added.
Captain Maggot Aug 22 @ 7:55am 
heh...I made a mini sound pack for Arty (the sentry) it has actually only fire sound effects...but I guess it's good enough..no?
WhaCky Aug 18 @ 12:52am 
+rep great guy
Yuri Aug 16 @ 3:25am 
if the Heavy Artillery won the first Arms Race why wasn't it added to the game then?
Diplocallmeonyourcellphone Aug 15 @ 9:41am 
Hey, do you know how to use the frontline items in the game? Thx :3
Mannco.trade DEMOPAN MANN Aug 13 @ 4:59pm 
Greetings i added you to talk about making a custom weapon for medic... please tell me asap if you are interested... i can provide the stats suggestions as long as u can design
Pyrobot™ Aug 8 @ 10:19pm 
Greetings, mate! Just adding you to wonder about the gamebanana sentry reskin, and if you can possibly make it compatible w/ paysus skins so that it wont have a heart attack.
Gadget Aug 8 @ 1:29pm 
Yes, I did that on purpose to build a little suspense. I've added your question to the FAQ section.
Rytu - twitch.tv/rytugamer Aug 8 @ 12:14pm 
@Gadget Ah so the fact that the pictures are '?' and that we dont know the name of said items is a feature ? My bad then, everyone in my dev teams thought it was a bug haha
Gadget Aug 8 @ 12:01pm 
@Rytu: The list is not broken. Winners will be revealed after the voting ends.
The Goyim Know Aug 8 @ 11:23am 
Sadly your Sentry submission isn't for Arms Race III. I'm pretty sure it would have won that way..
Rytu - twitch.tv/rytugamer Aug 8 @ 11:18am 
Hi there, Already asked SwordFish about this but he redirected me to you, my good sir.
You dont happen to know when the arms race 'top 5' list will be fixed ?
Zolthicc Aug 7 @ 10:14am 
+rep good developer