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I am rather quite enjoying this Borderlands video game series. A lot.
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Since I've just reached 500 hours, I figured this was a good time to properly review the drug known as Borderlands 2.

For the longest time, I held true to my (mistaken) belief that Borderlands 1 was the superior game. Basing my opinion on the loot system being somewhat more interesting in the endgame and the death animations being that bit more true to the hardcore depiction of ultra violence that I desired. The electricity death animation in Borderlands 1 is a sight to behold!

Since installing BL2 and finding a dynamite coop partner and whole host of BL2-playing friends, I've realised that Borderlands 2 is the greatest FPS game since Doom. At high levels and with the right gear, your character can be operated with just as much speed, panache and killing efficacy as any - and I mean ANY - FPS shooter on the marketplace. Sometimes, when lost in the reverie of righteous slaughter, I feel like I'm back on my first proper PC, playing Doom or Quake 3 Arena. The controls are balanced, responsive and extremely smooth, as was the case with the first Borderlands.

I guess I could write up what the plot is.. but I'm not going to. Needless to say, it's but a canvas upon which to paint your name in letters 6 feet high with the blood of midgets you've helped to shuffle off this mortal coil.

Packed full of content. After the credits roll on the final playthrough, you'll still find loads of quests, secrets and fruitful hours spent in pursuit of rare enemies and rarer loot. Post-release DLC added a wealth of content too. I'd recommend getting all the DLC you can afford. With special recommendation given to the Digistruct Peak addon. It's this DLC which will properly test your skills and how well you've mastered your elected character.

TLDR - Best shooter. Best coop game. Best endorphin release generator (this side of heroin).

Just buy it and I guarantee that your future self will forever be in my debt for the recommendation

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Meh Ark! Meh Dinosaurs! Aye canna believe hoo much aye enjoy it! If only I could wear me kilt and play me pipes!
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+1 Upward & onward
Good tidings of great joy to you, yours, and any fine assortment of associated critters in the season of the bright sun.
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See you again in 1300 hours
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450 hours in bl2!!.. onwards to 500