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7 hours ago
In topic Atlas Rises Patch 1.38
Originally posted by Wooly Covfefe:
B4, if you can't play NMS on a CGA card from 1981, then you're just not tall enough for this ride.


Kid, read my post again, while sober :steammocking:
8 hours ago
In topic Atlas Rises Patch 1.38
Originally posted by D3adlyStar:
I've been reading now on this tread for a while about people having issues with AMD cards. Not everyone has Isuues with AMD. I can see if you own a potato, But it's like that for Nvidia to.
My video card is an AMD R9 280 from 2014
and i have very little to no issues at all running No Man's Sky.

Ha, well put, my old home-made pc sports a Radeon HD 6970 and play this - and other newer and more demanding - game on high settings flawlessly :steamhappy:
Originally posted by p3r02d3r0:
Originally posted by Codian:
eww. AMD.

AMD has pretty good graphics cards, but their drivers can be messy :-)

Shush, the pc I built include a Radeon HD 6970 - yep I know it's kinda old - that handle the game on highest settings, I had the best of Nvidia but their drivers need constant updates, I'm not a fan of either but AMD works great for me :steamhappy:
Feb 18 @ 12:36am
In topic Chinese?
Wonder how this alpha isn't already translated in chinese, the biggest market on this planet?
Feb 18 @ 12:20am
In topic Any Other good RTS/base building games?
Cossacks 3 :steamhappy:
Feb 15 @ 8:01am
In topic patch notes??
Same notes? :steamsalty:
Feb 14 @ 6:53am
In topic Workshop?
Thank you :steamhappy:
Feb 13 @ 3:37am
In topic Workshop?
Would it be possible to include Goliath in the Steam Workshop?
Feb 8 @ 5:05pm
In topic Updates?
Originally posted by Syrus:
Ingame,under multiplayer

Thanks Syrus :steamhappy:
Feb 8 @ 2:13pm
In topic Updates?
Okay, no patch notes?
Feb 8 @ 12:15pm
In topic Updates?
What are those small patches?
5 MB, 4.8 MB ...
Feb 7 @ 3:41am
In topic 32 or 64 bit?
Yep I do, thanks for the info :steamhappy:
Feb 5 @ 4:02pm
In topic Key mappings
Originally posted by fatkitty:
Originally posted by Shaidon:
Is possible to use the extra mouse buttoms?
mouse4, mouse5

I current have a gaming mouse, so is not a problem for me to give keyboard funtions, but is always nice when I game recognize those extra buttoms.
Yees, after we implement key binding in one of the updates:)


And then what?
It's ages now that this request was posted and nothing have been done yet, "in one of the updates" was posted on 24 May, 2016, do you really want to sell this game? Or bug your customers? :steamsad:
Feb 5 @ 3:45pm
In topic 32 or 64 bit?
When I start the game from my Steam library, what version is loading 32 or 64 bit?
Jan 31 @ 2:42pm
In topic 1.3 GB update
Originally posted by vendril:
I love downloading 1.3 GB for a language I don't need.

Yep, feel the same, in their "money talk" it would cost them too much to give their customer the choice to opt in/out :steammocking:
Jan 31 @ 2:04am
In topic 1.3 GB update
Originally posted by ♢Mischievous One♢:
any one elses update stuck at 99% been like this for a few minutes now.

The download finished but the installation's still in progress...that's why.
Jan 31 @ 2:02am
In topic 1.3 GB update
Nothing from Deep Silver Volition developper of Agents of Mayhem for patch notes on steam, nada :steamsad:
Jan 26 @ 8:49am
In topic Update
Nope, 9.1 MB, no patch notes from Ubisoft San Fransisco, nothing at present :steamsad:
Jan 23 @ 11:50am
In topic New IK?
"- New IK system, sometimes NPCs will look at player when passing by"

What is "IK"? Would it be "I Know" or "IKea" or "Industrial Knowledge" or what?

I do know about Non-Playable-Character -> NPC or Armed Interference -> AI (Oh no, it's Artificial Intelligence) or user interface -> UI...but that's me.

Please be more descriptive, You know what You're talking about, not the comon user :steamsad:
Jan 19 @ 8:28am
In topic Demo Not playing
Yes, just did and tried the demo, but it's awfully cumbersome even after trying to change the very limited key settings and therefore quit without remorse!

I might come back if the developper(s) put the money where it's needed :steamsalty:
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