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Finest Hours

"A psychotic food-addicted sedentary vigilante with the mindset of a sarcastic 5 year old" ~ Description of Hell Sings, 2015

Hell Sings: I'm not sure I would consider Rap and art...
Hell Sings: an(
Hell Sings: an*
Hell Sings: Brain
Hell Sings: Pls
Hell Sings: Work with me
ShekSavers: saying it lowers your iq
ShekSavers: or fingers
Hell Sings: It lowers
Hell Sings: F I N G E R S
Hell Sings: No wonder Michael Sauce uploaded that video
Hell Sings: Or VMichael
Hell Sings: Whatever his *&*)ing name is
ShekSavers: Vsauce
ShekSavers: cmon
ShekSavers: Where, are your fingers?
Hell Sings: Hey man, it's been a while, and i may or may not have had a bit too much ramen
Hell Sings: And I count at least, 2
Hell Sings: That's about as high as my IQ can go
ShekSavers: quite the ramen capacity
Hell Sings: Yez
Hell Sings: It's bonless too
ShekSavers: B O N E L E S S
Hell Sings: A Z Z I P

Empress Pyro: There's a certain guilty pleasure I have in GTA IV
Cage Match: I believe you're not the only one there. Many have that guilty pleasure as well.
Empress Pyro: It's going to hospitals and shooting them up.
Cage Match: Well...
Cage Match: Shit.
Cage Match: That took a turn I was not expecting.

Hell Sings: Let's put them on an island
Hell Sings: And drop a tsar bomb
UndeadArtix: Would be rather good to see.
UndeadArtix: "Echotale"
Hell Sings: Would make an awesome home movie
Hell Sings: Not THAT
Hell Sings: You basterd!
Hell Sings: Twisting my words!!

Hell Sings: Damned skeletons having more fun than us...
James: Punny, humerus skeletons
Hell Sings: You like pickin' the funny bones don't you?
James: Of course!
Hell Sings: Even then, you have no guts to say that to anybody.
James: Well done.
James: Link removed
Hell Sings: .... Gutless, and I bet they threw the part in the raveyard
Hell Sings: But how would I know? It's a no-brainer, to be honest
James: Everything is terrible.
Hell Sings: You're welcome. ~ 2016

Hell Sings: I did too, for science.
Nerd: Are you trying to make me look cute? What is the aim of this.
Hell Sings: If I were to make you cute I'd invoke R. 34. And I haven't done that yet now have I?
Nerd: True. And I sincerely hope you never do. ~ 2016

Nerd: When the server takeover is too strong.
Hell Sings: Only through brute force shall they know true peace. ~ 2016

Hell Sings: Connectus Interruptus strikes once more
Nerd: Sexcellent.
Hell Sings: I said strike
Hell Sings: Not thrust James ~ 2016

Nosey bugger ain't ya?
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