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Early Access Review
Dear Indie Stone,

You, and your team, continue to do phenomenal work. I love Project Zomboid, and love what you guys are doing with it. I know good things take time, and you're free to take all the time in the world. I trust you. I believe in you.

It must be hard tolerating the impatience and misunderstanding of the malcontents. As far as I can tell, you're doing a great job with that, too. I see the weariness behind your patience; please know your efforts are not in vain. If you ask me, you're making the saints jealous.

Keep up the great work!

Dr. Dastardly
Posted October 3, 2016.
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As taken as I am with Dragon Ball Xenoverse, I don't believe I can recommend it to anyone but fans of the Dragon Ball series. For those people... I can't recommend it highly enough.

The graphics are perfect (It really does feel like playing an episode of Dragon Ball Z), the combat is, for lack of better summary, excellent, the story was incredibly well done (Historical battles are faithfully represented, cut scenes closely mimic the manga, timeline alterations are tasteful and fit well), and Cell's voice acting is at least 30% better than in the TV show.

Now that's all well and good, but the avatar creation and character customization take the cake. Placing your hero alongside the Z Warriors is pure, concentrated childhood wish-fulfillment. The feels you'll feel the first time you go Super Saiyan are hard to describe, but fall somewhere between "Boner-rific" and "Worth the price of admission".

$50 is a small price to pay to go Super Saiyan. You do want to be a Super Saiyan, don't you?
Posted March 4, 2015.
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Early Access Review
TL;DR - I love this game. I recommend you buy it quickly and play immediately.

Space Engineers. Where do I begin? With hundreds of hours under my belt, I have a genuinely hard time thinking of criticisms. To preface what follows, I maintain absolute certainty that my trite critiques will be smoothed over given only time. Keen Software has given me utterly no reason to doubt their vision. I have been playing (and loving) this game since before antennas worked (or thrusters even had textures), and it just keeps getting better and better with each patch. Now then...

- Developers. Constant patching, fixes, additions and more. I <3 you Keen!
- Creative mode. Space Legos that work. Ohmigodyes.
- Survival Mode. Try downloading a skybox with no light source for a truly hardcore experience. Highly rewarding.
- Workshop. This game once screamed for community mods... They're now every bit as awesome as I had hoped.
- Physics. It is an extremely convincing volumetric space physics simulator.
- Graphics. Clean, simple, spartan art with crisp edges. Want something flashy? Hit up the Workshop.
- Controls. Maybe I'm biased, but movement feels fluid, intuitive, and natural.
- Music. Would buy an official soundtrack.

- Some minor crashes. In 200+ hours, I have crashed maybe 3 times. No big deal.
- Performance. Frame rates suffer in the presence of grander structures. Optimization could use a little work.
- Multiplayer. It works, but could work better. Recent patches have made this "Meh" rather than "Con".
- Purpose. A lack of clearly defined purpose permeates this game, and can be off-putting for some. Personally, I feel this title is designed for you to create your own purpose, but I still have mixed feelings. A simple mission computer with "quests" to undertake would be huge.
- Alpha-stage weirdness. In my time with Space Engineers, many strange, inexplicable things have happened. They are not game breaking, or even really irritating, but more of a curiosity that breaks immersion.
- Doesn't make me sandwiches. C'mon Keen, make it happen!

- User Interface. This is the part of Space Engineers that makes it feel most like an alpha. All menus, icons, and buttons are clunky, unintuitive, and ugly. You get used to it in time, but you shouldn't have to.
- Sound. The sound in this game is alpha (Essentially placeholders), and has been stated to be such. It is not representative of sound in space and I find it to be a glaring break from the immersion, especially in survival.
- Atmosphere. I don't mean the atmosphere of Space Engineers itself, but literal atmospheres: There is no pressurization of ships, management of air/water/cooling, and no leaving the space suit. Hot damn, that'd be awesome if there were.

In conclusion, I would grant Space Engineers a solid 9.8/10.0. Every engineer knows no design is perfect, but this one is perfect enough. This game is already worth it's weight in the gold ingots I keep in my cargo hold (All 18,000kg of it) and only destined to get better.
Posted October 9, 2014.
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After so many hours, I have either too much or too little to say about this game (I can't decide). For now...

Buy this game. Seriously, buy it.

I don't see you buying it yet.
Posted July 13, 2014.
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Early Access Review
This game does not suck. I anticipate it will continue to un-suck, perhaps to greater and greater degrees, as development continues.

Update: October 2015

It didn't suck then, it sucks a lot less now. From that first week this game has come a long way. At no point have I regretted my purchase, and I love the direction the game appears to be heading. Good on the Fun Pimps.
Posted December 20, 2013. Last edited October 20, 2015.
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