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Sep 18 @ 9:58am
In topic Elder strategies
An early falcon is good for a timing push and to harrass his eco. Vypers have true damage and a group of 3 are great for taking down shield generators. They're also good vs. other tier2 vehicles. Alternately investing more in your infantry upgrades and going for fire prisms later in the game usually works well for me - especially if you have Warp Spiders as an elite, for the teleport + damage buff on prisms.
Sep 17 @ 10:30pm
In topic Am I the only 1 who enjoyed this game?
I enoy it and still play it. I rarely post here though because Steam forums are generally a cesspool.
Sep 15 @ 10:51pm
In topic VS. Space Marines
Keep a bonesinger with your army. Not only will it detect stealthed scouts, it will give you more time to react to drop pods and you can teleport on the satellite beacon of orbital to neutralize it.
Sep 8 @ 7:56am
In topic Tactical Squads
The frag grenade is great for disruption; it doesn't do much damage but can still allow them to win fights or interrupt abilities - mainly useful in early to mid game. All the doctrines you mentioned are useful. Less so in late game as line troops diminish in importance though.
Sep 6 @ 8:49pm
In topic Worth buying? Dead multiplayer?
They did not say "the expansion is on hold" anywhere.
Originally posted by Lord Haart:
Many, many of us here have been put off by the lack of flesh on the ships.
I think it's just you
Why bother? Threads like this are just like honey for SP scrubs who barely scraped the surface of playing the game.
Jun 17 @ 5:09pm
In topic Performance issues
The 970M is not going to be able to run new games at 4K very well.
Jun 5 @ 8:04pm
In topic We need a development roadmap
@Fenix - well said, totally agree.
Jun 4 @ 2:25pm
In topic Did they even test this balance patch?
The only eldar change that was bad was to rangers, which I don't think needed any nerf and it allows SM snipers an easy time. People who say dark reapers and banshees are useless just don't know how to play.
Jun 4 @ 11:57am
In topic Did they even test this balance patch?
K, so we're just going to talk about a whole bunch of other units and theorycraft some cool stories for how battles play out at scrub level so no one needs to improve their gameplay and can blame balance forever. "Boyz can tie up any unit attacking the Lootas". And? Are you saying eldar cannot do the same with banshees? Let me guess. Banshees suck too?
Jun 4 @ 11:10am
In topic Did they even test this balance patch?
Originally posted by IgnisCyan:
Originally posted by Ekko Tek:
You're right - because Devastators and Lootas don't do true damage with splash damage like DRs.
Yes, that totally changes the fact that once they get engaged they are 100% guaranteed to die because of the 2.5 second wind down + stupidly slow move speed even under webway.
Their move speed under webway is waaay faster than devs or lootas, who also die easily if they get caught out.
Jun 4 @ 10:35am
In topic Did they even test this balance patch?
Originally posted by jonoliveira12:
Dark Reapers simply do not perform like Devastators or Lootas.
You're right - because Devastators and Lootas don't do true damage with splash damage like DRs.
Jun 3 @ 7:41pm
In topic Did they even test this balance patch?
You did not give any specific examples other than SM flamethrower, which only had its reinforcement cost changed in the patch. All of your comments (dark reapers are impossible to micro, eldar are useless, one flamer can literally melt an entire army) are hyperbole and tell me that balance is not the issue - it's completely a lack of skill or understanding. I'd suggest visiting and watching some of the better eldar players. You can learn a lot that way - and see that eldar is still completely viable. "Balance affects the game at all levels" - yes, true BUT your perception of what is imbalanced and what a top player will say is imbalanced are completely different. My point is that you are blaming things on balance when it is due to lack of skill. Reapers and banshees are excellent units when you know how to use them properly - they are not attack move units - eldar in general requires more finesse than SM. Here's an example:
Jun 3 @ 5:54pm
In topic Did they even test this balance patch?
Mad cuz bad? Eldar are not "useless"; they are just no longer ez mode. Unless you are in the top 50 of 1v1, you should probably not worry about balance too much since it's almost always going to be a case of less than optimal play being the reason for your loss. But people don't want to accept that they have to improve. It's always easier to blame "balance".
Originally posted by H.J:
how can you have a blast if no one is playing. 10 min waiting is not cool
There's 2000+ playing right now - most of which are playing MP since the SP/campaign people have largely moved on. I've never waited 10 minutes for a match ever. The high ranked 1v1 players maybe, as there are fewer in their mmr.
Thank you for sharing
Because Company of Heroes rocks. And has had years of development. DoW3 needs to prove itself still, but a lot of Relic games start that way.
May 19 @ 7:13pm
In topic ASM whoring early game
It's mainly TSM being underpowered and ASM having cheap powerswords plus the Assault Leap doctrine that is the problem. Making powerswords either T2 or an individual upgrade plus buffing Tacs will help make for more build options. A lot of people are waiting on the first balance patch to drop.
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