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Early Access Review
Well worth the download. First person shooter with elemnts from MMOBA.

So far well balanced. Definatly NOT pay to win. All characters and skill cards can be unlocked with in game money. You can also buy them with cash but it doesn't unbalance anything. Some skins are cash only but it's just cosmetic.

The Founders pack is well worth the price. You get all the champions in the game now and any in the future. If you already bought some with in game or real cash currency (gems) you get refunded when you buy the pack. Can't go wrong for that.

Matchmaking is fairly quick, about a minute most of the time. Sometimes 2 min or so in off hours. The ranked play matchmaking is slow right now >5 min that I've seen. This is probably due to the fact that you need to rank up 12 seperate champions to lvl 4 before you can play ranked, and many people probably haven't bothered yet. Or don't have 12 champs unlocked yet. This is probably to get people to buy more champions...though I would like to think it is so people have to learn the game and a variety of champions and tactics before they go competative.

Give it a go, it's quite fun, with a little bit of something for everyone.
Posted September 23, 2016.
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I've played this game for several months now on another platform so ignore my 4 hrs here. Yes it's a FB game. No it is not a microtransaction money grab.

Almost all items in the game that are not cosmetic can be gained by spending no money. Yes there are some blueprints (used to craft items) that can be in cash packages, they look cool, but there is a free item that is just as good. Yes you can use cash to speed things up if you like but it does not unbalance the game at all. I have played for about 4 months on FB and spent $19.99 not because I needed to but because I want to support the game and liked the items I got.

You can earn premium gems by sending your heroes on missions, doing city raids every weekened, and you can sell any item you craft for permium gems.

Ok enough of the money stuff. It's free to play period, don't listen to the folks with 0.3 hrs on record that didn't bother to try out the best parts of the game. Or just downvote it because it's a FB/Phone game. The build here on Steam already has things implemented that are not on other platforms yet.

The devs are great, they listen to the comunity and keep us informed about what is going on. They are very responsive to any concerns and seek to solve problems quickly.

If you like crafting in MMOs this game is for you. You run a shop where you craft items to sell to heroes or to other players. You send your heroes on missions to gather items to craft with though not all items need them. You can fight other players in the arena if you like. Join a city and work with others to build your town up to unlock all the heroes and workers you need. Raid with your city weekly to earn premium gems and box keys. Browse the player market for good deals and resell for a profit.

The most important thing is to join a good city. It expands the game play and lets you evolve your shop faster.
Posted August 15, 2016.
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Short story: Buy it on sale if you can. Not worth the full price, but still good. I got it on summer sale for $20.99 for the game and season pass together.

Disclaimer...if you are one of those folks who passionatly HATE parkour games...you might want to wait till you get a good sale. You play mostly in low gravity and use jumps, boosts and stuff to get to some needed areas for missions. It's not terrible, but I know folks who can't stand that Mega Man jump around stuff.

The game is a bit short. I feel that there isn't enough "meat" on it. There are way fewer side missions than in previous games. (Good or bad?...there were too many in the first one, if you did them all you were overleveled for the next area.) I played as clap trap and found the game play challenging. The story is so so, you get a back history about how Jack became what he is in BL2.

The guns are as always fun, they lost the stupid slag guns and made cryo guns. They also added laser guns, which are fun. They brought back the chest and keys so you can unlock good (only purple this time) gear with shift codes. They took off artifacts and gave you and O2 kit that gives bonuses...and lets you breath. They also removed eridium as a form of payment and replaced it with much more pleantiful Moonstones. You also use moonstones to open some rare chests.

The gameplay is mostly in low gravity on the Moon and the big Hyperion space station seen in previous games. This adds a different feel to the game play. You can jump around and use your O2 to hover, as well as slam down from the air and damage foes below. If you are not playing clap trap, you have to keep an eye on your oxygen, after it is gone you slowly loose health. Most enemies drop O2 cans though to keep you going.

The characters (4 with the base game and 2 extra with the season pass) are fun in my opinion. I have tried half of them, with clap trap going the farthest so far. They still each get 3 skill trees and a unique action skill. Yes they did "recycle" characters from previous games, but they were not playable before. Overall I like the choices. Lady Hammerlock seems to be fun as well, she can freeze enemies and starts off with a purple ranked sniper rifle and a lot of cash.

Graphics are the usual hand drawn textures. Alot of it is recycled/reskinned from previous versions. You will find yourself opening the same yellow boxes from BL2 all the time. Music....well I didn't think it was as good as in previous versions, but it didn't bother me. Voice acting is ok. Most of the new voice actors are Aussies (fine by me my BF is an Aussie and I love his accent lol). Many of the original cast also make a cameo of some sort.

There are some DLCs that come with the season pass. One of which is a mission inside of clap trap...I haven't played this yet, but it sounds like some fun. The Clap Trap revolution is still my favorite expansion for any Borderlands game. The DLC's start at lvl 30 as they previously have. So best to do them after your first run through the story.

Overall a solid game. I think they turned off the community with the high price tag at launch. I do not feel it is worth the same as BL 1 or 2 when they came out. It's sort of a...hold you over till we make BL3 game that 2K Australia made. I think it should have been priced as such. $40-50 tops for the base game with the season pass included would be fair.

So if you are a fan of the Borderlands series it's worthwhile to play through this, you will have fun and laughs, just don't overpay for it.

Posted July 6, 2016.
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Early Access Review
March 2017

The servers are back online and they have just opened up the game for sales again. I've been playing the last week and the devs are very responsive both in game and on the forums. They seem to be working hard to get the project back on track. I'm more hopeful that the game will see full development under the new company.

The game itself is great. It has probably the most complex crafting system I've ever seen, and I love it. There are no classes or levels, you get skill in what you do. You can be whatever you like. Classic fighter that kills stuff and sells the spoils...of course. Gatherer who hoards mats and sells them to the highest bidder, check. Trader who squeezes out the competition with better quality goods, yep. Animal trader who tames and sells awesome pets, sure. Greese monkey who builds the best rides around, can do. Mad scientist who bio engineers creatures to fight for them, why not! The sci-fi style is great, we need a good sci-fi mmorpg with a fresh style.

January 2017

Idea Fabrik PLC has aquired The Repopulation. They are looking to bring it back online in the first quarter of this year! While I won't hold my breath that this game will make a full recovery, I look forward to being able to at least play again.

Here is the article for those interested: https://www.therepopulation.com/index.php/news/299-above-and-beyond-technologies-sells-the-repopulation-to-idea-fabrik

--This game was smashed by the fact that the engine it was being built on being pulled out from under the project. They are now converting the entire game over to the Unreal engine. The game had been down for about 6 months. But instead of giving up or leaving the players to suffer the loss they have released a free spinnoff survival game that all who bough the game can play for free.

The game is not dead, it is on hold. There are still full plans to rerelease it once the conversion is complete. Keep an eye out for it's return!--
Posted June 14, 2016. Last edited March 27.
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Early Access Review
I didn't even wait or bother to read reviews before picking this up as I have the original and know that the devs will work hard to make it a great game.

It is well worth the price and your support.

The game is different from the first SPAZ. It still has the same feel, same characters. The ships you flew before are now part of your strike craft (fleet) and you can build a custom mothership (which is not your base anymore, but your main attack ship) out of modules.

The combat has moved to 3D..ish. I myself like the style of the new combat. You can go top down though I find it a bit short ranged right now. You can go into a third person view that allowes you to move around and fight the other ships. There is no up or down, all ships are on the same level...almost like if you were fighting on the ground. I actually like this as most fully spherical 3D space shooters just make it difficult for me to keep track of other craft I'm shooting at.

They have added a strategy element to it as well. There are tons of NPC factions that you can befriend....or just destroy. You can join a factoin then build your own starbase as well. It also looks like there will be multiplayer, thought it is not in game yet.

Already very playable for an early access game.

My one dislike is that the modular ship building system is very annoying right now. You "tractor" which is like magnetic your parts to your ship...and they always seem to go flying about and not stick where I want them. I hope this system will be altered to be a bit more user friendly. This still won't stop me from playing even if it stays this way as it is only a small part of the game.

I know this game will be finished and continue to be upgraded as the devs have done a great job with the original and are already working on the items the community are talking about in the early access.
Posted May 19, 2016.
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Early Access Review
Playing for the free weekend, and want to get a review in before the sale ends. I have only played solo so far. In short...is it worth the $10 it is now? YES...is it worth the full price if you miss the sale?....Hell YES!

Try this game if you like sci fi, survival, exploring, sandbox games or doing things the way you want.

Are there bugs? Of course there bloody are! It's an alpha game. I have not run into any game breaking bugs yet, all small or annoying things but nothing that would stop me playing.

I've played a lot of survival games in various stages of early access and release on Steam and this is so far my favorite.

So the obligitory pro/con list:


-No zombies. Animals, dinosaures (I think maybe the triceratops should go, it's an alien planet), and alien natives.

-Factions (not sure how this works or if it is fully available yet), seems you can set up your own factions as well.

-Detailed and extensive craft system.

-Good selection of starting items and food/meds to get you through you first couple of days.

-Good tutorial. YES it is a good tutorial...just read the dirrections in your PDA like it says. Push F1, read, do, done. The people complaining about the tutorial are not using the PDA or following instructions.

-Player leveling and a tech tree to unlock new gear, you choose the order.

-Blueprints. I have looked at the stock ones, but I belive you can make your own. Want a nice house but not a build master? No Problem, get a blueprint, add all the mats and off you go.

-It's $10 bucks on sale! More than worth it.


(Early Alpha - much of this will be fixed)

-Complex crafting system which I like! But some people (the impatient ones) may find it annoying to have to build all the parts before building the item you want. And your parts take parts too....so it can be slow at first. Sometimes you are waiting around for stuff to just get made so you can move on. (If the devs are reading, I hope there is or will be a craft station up the tech tree that can speed this up somewhat)

-Inability to move things once placed. You need to destroy them back into their componenets. This will probably be addressed as alpha moves on.

-Building is a bit hmm...awkward to me. Again something I think will be addressed. It is sometimes hard to get your blocks to snap into place...and the are large and it can be hard to see where you are putting them. Along with the above issue it can be a little tricky to get the hang of.

Really I'm struggling to find cons. I could list more but it's just stuff that will improve as the game is fleshed out. Give this a try. I don't think you will regret it. It costs about $15 to go to a movie....$50 if you buy a snack...and that's 2 hours tops of entertainment....Even at full price you will get far more out of this game than a movie...and virtual snacks...made out of seaweed...
Posted May 15, 2016.
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Ignore my played time please. I have played this game on and off for many years. The Saga of Ryzom....I guess they dropped the Saga part now and just call it Ryzom, is a very unique world. It is a living world where the npc animals interact wiith each other and you. Often while sitting digging up resources a curious animal will wander up and stare at you...and sometimes pee on you. Carnivores eat herbivores and you...herbivores won't attack you. .I'm glad it has come to Steam as it could use an infusion of players that this offers, just in the few minutes I logged in I saw loads of new players in the tutorial area. I'll get to the point...or points. Here goes.


- Living world that interacts with itself and the player.

-One of the best Craft systems any MMO has to offer....on par with Star Wars Galaxies (may it rest in peace). Each ingredient has a level, quality, and color that all affect the final product. As well as stats for various things like hardness and flexibility depending on what you are crafting. You don't want a flexible sword....

- "Craft" your own skills and spells. When you learn a skill you get a set of parts that make up the skill. Want it to do more damage? Ok...but you may need to make it cost more mana. Want to find 3 harvest nodes instead of 1...sure but you will need to balance it out with something. You can use the premade ones...or tailor them to your play style.

- A classless and leveless system. Gain exp in what you are doing. Make your character the way you want. Mix and match skills at will.

- Two different..."religious" type sets that affect the players in interesting ways.

- Four races that are not elves and dwarves....each race has it's own craft style.

- Colorful and interesting world to explore with unique monsters. No rats or bears here.


- It is an aging game so the graphics are a little out dated, but not that bad.

- Once off the tutorial island....the player density drops....I am hoping that with the Steam boost it will change.

- The UI is a little...wierd. You can move stuff around and such to make it more on par with what you like.

- More like a free trial than free to play, although you can go fairly far without paying into it and have a good time. If you manage to make out your skills on the free account...you probably want to buy it anyway.

- The classless/leveless skill system is great....but it has always felt a little flat to me. There is no reason to pick one race or another, no advantage other thank looks. I feel it would be more...individual...if you were limited to how many skills you could learn. Then there would be some thought into the process. But as it stands everyone can get every skill to either 125 for free or 250 for paid. This is probably more something that bothers me and most won't care.

Overall well worth downloading and trying it out. At least run through the tutorial Island and missions for the various skill sets and see how interesting the world is. It has many unique features that we still don't see in other games. If I had to pick a game that it is most similar too....I would say Star Wars Galaxies for it's crafting system, harvesting and skill system (before they ruined and killed SWG that is).
Posted May 9, 2016.
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Sally forth onto the battle field in my name brave peasant! Wielding your mighty broom, sweep aside your fears and charge unto mine enemies whereto thou shalt meet your doom at the end of a skeletons sword. Follow close my pikeman, and prodeth in the back any peasant who wilst retreat.

Remember troops are the most important thing to click! As long as you have time you can click more troops...so time is the most important thing to click....cause time = troops = victory!

This is a very fun time waster. Easy interface. Quick to learn. Fun to mess around with at work...er...in your spare time I mean.

Its Free.
Colorful and fun comic style graphics.
Not pay to win. Pay to advance faster by upgrading troops.
No pop up ads or pressing microtransaction windows.
There is no premium currency. You can spend real money to buy game money at $0.99/20,000 gold (preaty good)

A bit grindy to get in game money to upgrade your troops if you don't want to spend real money.
No real reset round button. You can quit the round but you loose any gold you gathered and it dumps you back to the map.

No comments about the sounds as I turn them off in this kind of game. No music/sound effects on for me.

It's adictive. Each match is a little different. Based on luck of what comes up in your click box, what you click, and how fast you can click. I can play the same map and not make it past the first round and next try clear it. Eventually you need to upgrade your troops. You use the in game gold for this. You will need to repeat as needed to gather gold to advance to the next map.

Worth a try if you need some time wasted.
Posted March 7, 2016.
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5.7 hrs on record
Just want to get a review in while it is on sale! (low hours so far I know)

I was a veteran soldier...now I sail the Zee!
I set out from port with a "passenger" who was...undead...ish.... Dragged him to his destination and he attacked...so I put him out of his misery.
Had a fight with a group of bats...my crew killed the bats...then I made my crew eat the bats!...they got scared.
Found a port where rats and guine pigs were at war...sided with the guinea pigs and all was right in the zee.
Found a scratched up diamond and my crew said to throw it in the sea for luck....Yeah...sure guys...you don't have to buy the fuel!
Smuggled a crate of souls for a shady guy who gave me some free supplies...
Landed on another port where there was a festival of masks going on...preteneded to be a city official...resisted the urge to deface their monument. (I think I'll go back and deface it and see what happens)

This game is quite fun. Very different than things I have played before. I has a nice dark feeling to it. You sail around in an upgradable ship with some crew, a mascot, and some officers. Seek adventure, be a pirate, or seek knowledge. It's up to you!

Death is perma-death...you will die...you will try again. It doesn't seem to take away from the game for me, just makes me more careful...should I try to attack that crab that is three times the size of my boat or should I try to run away before he sees me? I've died several times and keep trying, getting farther every time.

I feel like I'm playing a game and reading a choose your own adventure book. Almost everything you do has some plus or minus on you and your poor crew.

I read some reviews where people say it's grindy...I guess...you could grind if you like. Just running from port to port getting reports and bringing them home for echoes (cash)....but that's not much fun. Just explore, kill stuff. visit ports and the money will come. If you NEED that fancy boat early on...yeah you might be grinding, but I have found hours of adventure in my starting boat.

Well worth the sale price...not sure I would have tried it if it didn't have a free weekend...but glad I did. I purchased it on sale and have already gotten my money's worth. (The cost of a trip to the theater and I'm already at almost 5 hours...twice what I would get at the movies)

It's free this weekend...give it a try!
Posted January 29, 2016.
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Fun objective based FPS. I would reccomend to give this game a try, it's fun to play, fast action FPS.


Fast, fun gameplay.
NOT pay to win. All game items except vanity loadouts/credit boost are obtainable through game play. You can unlock new mercs faster with cash but can buy them with in game money too.
All items unlocked are yours forever, no stupid items that expire after a week.
Objective based, play the objectives or get left in the dust!
Fast paced action always keeps you thinking.
Many unique mercs to choose from, bring 3 into each battle and swap any time you die.
Devs listen to the players.
Stable - I don't know if I have ever had this crash and I've played it on 2 desktops and 1 laptop.
Weekly free rotation of mercs so you always have new ones to try out.


(Still in Beta so a lot of this is being worked on.)

Matchmaking - sometimes end up with all high lvls on one team ♥♥♥♥♥♥ a bunch of noobs.

Hacking - I don't see a lot of it, but it is there - a new anti-cheat system is being tested to address this soon!

Some balance issues still, but it's beta so lots of time to work it out.

No general chat other than in missions. Friend system only through Steam. I was trying to explain something to someone and the match ended and we were punted before we could finish. I didn't get his name so I couldn't help him.

Overall a solid beta game, no pay to win, active devs, good player base. Well worth the download to give it a go. New features being added regularly. Updates all the time. I feel like the meta score steam lists is harsh, it should be in the 70's at least at this stage if not a touch more.

Posted August 8, 2015.
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