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This is the best sonooker i've played in a long while , It's a shame there is no local online option like you would get on ipad and I also think the multi player is bit lame ..Never mind if you're not into online then this snooker is sure great fun to play, very realistic. Not bad for the price.
Posted: July 7. Last edited: July 10.
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ohh, i remember the great desert storm series back in 2002 and yes i'm pleased that steam is selling this classic game or maybe 'cos i've complained about this game was not on the steam categories some while ago (hmm, perhaps they had listened this time...well done steam) ...lol, graphics looks rather dated now but good fun though.....highly recommended.
Posted: May 31, 2012.
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I can remember having played on the ipad Riptide and i really enjoyed it, So if you like Moto GP ,you will like this a lot easier. The water physics is fantastic with nice colours.. vroom vrooom !!
Posted: March 11. Last edited: March 11.
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Crazy, crazy open world JC2 game...It's a great MOD multi-player.
Keep up the good work fellas.
Posted: September 26.
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Remember this classic Quake 4, At the time it was a fantastic game , even today it still looking good compares with other similar games ,The graphics does seems at bit dated, but the colours are really Vibrant and details textures is quite good for it age, A great shootin' em up game ! Yep, Plenty of fun !!
Posted: October 15, 2013.
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Truly a great proper pc game, and majority of pc users still loathed ubisoft with their horrible DRM crap, anyway apart from this warfighter is an absolute gem...the graphics can looks stunning with a sort of yellowie impressions, gun firing's sound is quite good too and also it's best to use K/M since there is no game pad for this but you'll love this tactical FPS shooter alright . the mouse's binding is a bit lame and it dosen't set to how you want it done especially for cross-com..however it's still a decent pc port rather than a crappy console's port unlike today many games for pc are poorly done...

if you're still keen to get this to work using the mouse properly,: go to GRAW folder and see "ctrl_set_def.xml" file and "profile.xml" file then change to notepad open up and look like this :

you need to add the missing binding for the middle mouse wheel :
<button id="hud_use/action" binding="3" device="mouse" group="misc"/>

avoid the screen loading freezes-dont use full screen mode
Posted: June 11, 2012.
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A damn good racing game which is very much like GRID but more in a complex manner and the steering ability can be very difficult to control the vehicle at times.

EA/Slighly mad studio have done well with this game, of course it's not perfect , anyway it has a lovely graphics with strong colours, the sound is quite good too,so i think this is a very realistic gaming experience to explore and probably much better than grid or if not better in My Wildest Dreams...lol..

i would say it's more comfortable to use the steering wheel instead of gamepad somehow it moves better driving through out the tracks....
True, The Shift's graphics engine isn't quite as good as Grid's ECO engine but damn close.
Posted: March 6, 2012.
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i think this is by far the best game of all medal of honor to date.
the game's storyline is pretty good and graphic/sound is also quite impressive but i do find it very hard to use with an xbox pad so keyboard/m is the best solution for this kind of game..the only gripe is that when you're dead it automatically restarts level from the beginging which sometimes can be quite difficult unless you've progressed....apart from that i really like this game a lot...surely why not?

To all users don't bother instaling older PhysX , Just install PhysX_SDK_2.8.1_build_13_for_PC.msi

and it will works without a problem ! :)
Posted: August 30, 2013.
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An Absolutely fabulous Rack Em Up game and I really enjoyed this pool nation 'cos the balls physics are so realstic and quick on the cue without any hiccups, You can either play a normal pool game or a full of magic trick shots, The Xbox pad is really easy to use...
Without a dobbt this is best pool game i've ever played... Buy this and i can assure you won't be disappointed..Two thump up !
Posted: October 19, 2013.
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Just like the real thing when i used to play the pinball machine, the graphics are neat and fast with plenty of blinking light reflections, the sound effect is good..Great fun !!
Posted: July 5, 2013.
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