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Dec 12, 2017 @ 3:09pm
In topic Ark Launcher
Can use the Ark vessel to explore areas and also reveal POIs for Expedition missions. Seems no need for it to pick up required stuff from the main Colony. So when placing down the "Dome" (mandatory first) or other of the 3 current outpost structures, it will take the resources from main storage and the colonist count.
Dec 12, 2017 @ 2:30pm
In topic Needing more space!
Sky715: Do you try to tell that there seems to be a bug where dead colonists still count as a living ones regarding how much housing are needed?
Dec 9, 2017 @ 2:27pm
In topic Can we get...
Dec 8, 2017 @ 11:23am
In topic question
Plan so those larger (2x2 and up) "happy" buildings become the centre of the colony. If you see my screenshot, I have reserved space for the big ones above those 4 mid morale buildings (2x2). If to create a really big colony, then have several "city centre", close to Farmland since more people need more food production. And you probably will run out of Iron and need a good Kelkoo (sludge) production too. Sadly no good way to see the areas they cover (or I have missed how to).
Dec 8, 2017 @ 11:02am
In topic The Creep or rather the Rush
They are alien thingies, difficult to understand XD Probably too easy to have the option to use the ship. But later on can use Expedition Center ships on some stuff, maybe take out some hives. I have not played through all yet.
Dec 8, 2017 @ 10:55am
In topic Question of the Week #6: Colony Customization
I do not care much of the details on buildings or terrain, rather how the game is to play,
possibilities and functions.

The building menues could be redesigned to have as few "clicks" as possible. Also mouse movements could be reduced by let them pop up close to the building, even have some more keyboard keys to do stuff. Example: Changing worker priority for a structure. Why do I have to click on the "change" symbol and then set, it could easily be a bar to click on straight away, even a key to "swap to next" (highest goes to lowest). Also could easily put Recycle/Implode on the first (Info) tab.

All that can go into "storage" should be able to be traded, both ways. Maybe you have to do side missions to unlock, but not too slow progression. Of course for Campaigns you put in restrictions.

More "enemies" and things that could go wrong, with a few more defence systems.

Scrubber Drones could get a second function, cleaning up trash (Trash Overlay ?). If you put up defences right, you rarely need SDH's.

Some more morale(+aircleaning ?) buildings in mid-range, 2x2 and 3x3. Theme park, waterland, circus/tivoli, (mini)golf, skiresort, rollercoaster, nightclub/dancing, music/theater/opera, Zoo, market (maybe able to do some trades ?), etc. A big (4x4) one could be motorsport (often takes a bit space). Maybe even bonus if build several side by side.
What I suggest is not "perfect", just follows a more logic progression. See it as a balancing suggestion.
Sounds you @EvilBob have posted detailed suggestions on how to improve the game then.
Dec 8, 2017 @ 4:16am
In topic Workforce on farms
I use Greenhouses, rarely Farms. I want to select groups (explained in another thread), rarely have the need to "select all".
The game is a bit micro managing, but there could be added some tools to reduce that a bit.
Dec 8, 2017 @ 4:00am
In topic The Creep or rather the Rush
Efficiency of most buildings depends on how many works there.
Sometimes you need more than 3 Scrubber Drones if several structures are affected, or be able to Boost (Policy). I spend the nanites on defences than building Scrubber Hubs, since also take out spores and shards.
Dec 8, 2017 @ 3:53am
In topic Keyboard shortcuts list?
%LOCALAPPDATA%\AvenColony\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini .
Printscreen is an option.

I use F1 much too, just that remapped to Farming Overlay. Easiest way to see where I can build and avoid good farmland for other structures. Air quality I don't use much, since I put down Air Filters so it covers structures that pollutes. I rarely use Intake Fans.
Ah, thanks! Just missed those tiny blue "arrows".
Can merge Structures and Drone and Water then :steammocking:
Dec 8, 2017 @ 3:18am
In topic question
On normal difficulty not so difficult. Here is my current Tenari Glacier (Sol 5):
Hyla's Champion have a mission to build Outposts. Just that I already had a Habitat and did not see the point in wasting nanites on Outposts. Suggest replace with "build additional housing". Small storage system is another one, already had a large (2x2 T1).
I have not done all Campaigns yet, so don't know how many have this issue or similar ones. From Sandy Gulch you should not be forced to build first level structures.
Dec 7, 2017 @ 5:06am
In topic Can't I shut down buildings?
Content Drop 2 confirmed (and followed by hotfixes), with "disable" options for some structures, thanks! BTW: Seems to miss a pinned tread "Content Drop 2 has arrived!" (as CD1 have) .
Dec 7, 2017 @ 4:59am
In topic Update 1.0.23705 (hotfix) is now live
Good! But Where is the pinned thread "Content Drop 2 has arrived!", is a "... 1 ..."?
I did, and still the current logic does not quite add up.
Plot size 2x2 vs 3x3, the Skyscraper use the same as 2 Habitats and 1 Outpost.
Power douled for each type, 8 - 17 - 32 (- 48 CT).
Building big and high are usually more cost efficient than smaller units.
As is the ratios are too good for Skyscrapers with a mismatch towards Habitats.

Can argue that H. T1 cost 32, then S. T1 should cost 2x + a bit more (66). Just that should count in a height difference too, S. T1 ought to cost more than H. T3 too, like 1 "step" up.
Actually should the Habitats have a better ratio the bigger they get, the opposite now.

If to really do analyze, then it get even worse the logic as is. A "real upgrade" of an apartment complex can be done in several ways; Add floors (rarely dig down), expand on the plot (removing green areas), make apartments smaller. If to take a look at the "pictures" of the different houses in Aven Colony, they get taller for each step larger.

If start with the Outpost with 16 persons in one plot, say 8 in each floor (2) and no green areas. Say the Habitat have 1 plot with green areas and 3 with the building. Ought to have more floors than the Outpost, say 2 more (4). Say the apartments are bigger, so 9 on each floor (3 for each plot). iving 4x9=36 for H. T1 (same as curent). The H. T2 have 2 more floors, so 54 (also current), T3=72 with 2 more floors (8). Or is the last one even better ones, or smaller addition, with 6 on each floor (giving 66 as current)?

Then the Skyscraper with 9 plots. Say 6 plots for the building. Ought to be higher than H. T3, so
say 10 floors.Even larger apartments, so 12 on each floor (6x2). Giving S. T1=10x12=120. Then S. T2=144 with 12 floors.
In my first posting I had S. T1 as a 8 floor building with temporary 1 apartment having 3 colonists, giving 98 (96+2).

So what is the logic with current?
If follow the pricing to the Habitats, T3 costs 72 nanites and should house 72 colonists, not 66. T1 cost/bed=32/36, T2=52/54. For each T step up the difference is nanites +20, where the bed ratio seems to follow a "cost-2" formula.
Also if in comparison see the Skyscraper price/bed ratios that are T1=66/72, T2=94/120, T3=136/1130 (New!). Seems to me they should have been (roughly) T1=96/98, T2=116/120, T3=136/144.
Outpost ratio 18/16 give also an "logic" in what the others should have as ratio.

Or what is the logic with current ratio?

EDIT: Colony Terminal (new with update Content 2) is no Skycraper T3, but should have been an upgrade T3. The C. Terminal should have been a next step after that, 158/174 (158/158+16)
A Construction Drone Hub is the most important structure, else unable to start doing anything or expand. Already have a Show Range, and if select a CDH to place you see all the other CDH's ranges too. Also if to place a structure you either use one of the other overlays to see buildable area or see when the marker switches from buildable green to red.

The current Drone Overlay I rarely use, since roughly know the area already or use other methods mentioned. So by adding to that what structures can be updated (no such overlay ?), give it more use.

More usability can be added by showing buildable areas. Actually could solve this (easily ?) by use the Water Overlay, even free up an overlay slot. Probably other suggestions on additional overlays.
I have the game up on a second monitor, where the main is used for other stuff. When I start the game next time, it starts on the main. Currently I use a laptop (works OK on high, full HD).
Some other games seems to manage to "remember" what monitor was used last, why not entirely a setting in the Operating System or drivers.
Dec 4, 2017 @ 1:25am
In topic Can't I shut down buildings?
YW, good! There are a couple of metods to reduce production, but not a wanted way to control it.

One is to switch production of Farms and Greenhouses from something you have a lot of and at a good rate, to crops that give little. But if you have a lot of food production structures, it is micro managing. Then later on you probably need to switch back again. Since no way (else someone please tell me) to select some and do the same setting.
Suggest use ALT+Select (leftclick) to select ALL of that kind of structures, the CTRL+Select to mark some (like selectively marking files in windows explorer and similar).
Can make this even better to then have the possibility to "save" such a group. Like in StarCraft where you do CTRL+digit (0-9) and select the group with the number assigned. Also add the same way to add or remove to a group. Then you also have a way to much easier manage seasons or "crisis".
Fortunately Mills and Chemical Plants have a "same as others" setting, but that creates only 2 groups. Rest you have to micro manage, but fortunately you do not need very many of those structures.

Another production reducing "trick" is to build structures you do not need and set to fill. Preferable the cheapest ones with best ratio towards the max count of workers. Hopefully buildings that can be used later tho, so avoid recycling if short on space or nanites.

Might be some other ways too, but I have to play some more first, or someone else post some tips. OK, shortly onto my first attempt on Tenari Glacier, almost only Campain badges left.
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