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Nobody cares...   United States

Take in ALL the Syrian refugees, put them only in counties that voted for Obama. When they WALK the dirty bomb over the southern border and we have to cordon off 1000 sq. miles around Dallas, let the libtards clean it up.

World peace thru NAPALM !

Trump says he thinks he could talk to Putin and make good deals for us and them. Maybe the first deal he should make is to ask Putin if we could use his gulag For all the repubs who tried to block trump (for suspect reasons ) and were willing to risk 4 more years of hillbama bullshit ! And also for the top dems trying to aid Hellery by standing before all america and parroting all the mindless street trash crap about being racist ,and mysoginistitc etc. trying to enable their constituents whom they obviously consider to be retards. (which they are but thats not the point ).

Jimmy Carter deported many muslims when we were having p[roblems with Iran. So did Bill Clinton ( while he was Fucking every bitch he could get his hands on) , and no one ever called them Racist or Mysoginistic !

This is my dad's saying... Don't listen to his bullshit.

bwahaha, damn kids dont know shit !

All the blm, bernie tards, and trump haters ..........if they lived in middle east would be jumping up and down with ak47s shouting death to the infidels and looking for a bag of amphetamines and some 5 dollar yazidi slaves . Ftards !

I am at an age that I am PROUD to be an asshole , though some times Im such an asshole that I startle myself, then Ill laugh .

If more people knew the truth , Hillary Clinton and Barrack Hussein Obama, would get either deportation, life in prison, or a firing squad !

Put me in charge of us military and I will bring permanent peace to the middle east, prosperity and nearly 0% crime to the west , lasting co-operation with china and russia, development to Africa and South america,
Ill get it done in less than 10 years and I promise no more than 2 billion cocksuckers dead, TOPS !. Scouts Honor

After Trump gets in I want to see him do everything legally possible to get liberals out of govt. , media and education . Liberalism is a mental disease.

Putting liberals in charge of anything is like leaving your beautifull home with a lamborghini in your garage and your credit cards on your desk and your teenage son and daughter home to keep an eye on it all. (we all remember how good we were at lying to our parents right !)


Fuck off stalkers.

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Left 4 Dead 2
Information about me and my dad! (OLD)
My dad has been gaming since 1986 - Pretty Impressive huh?
My dad gets easily offended by 6 year olds, squeakers, griefers and trollers, he can be a bit grumpy too, and by a bit, I mean a lot!
My dad loves playing Left 4 Dead 2 and he has some old buddies playing with him too.
My dad doesn't use a microphone.
My dad plays Half Life 2 Deathmatch, Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas.
My dad is a huge Left 4 Dead 2 and Fallout fan.
My dad is a computer/technology whiz.
If you met my dad in real life, I wouldn't piss him off too much, lol.

Dad's Wishlist:
Left 4 Dead 3
Half Life 3
A law that allows you to kill retards that are ruining the earth.
(More Will Be Added In The Future)

I have been gaming since 2007 - Not a bad record.
I love playing games with everyone except, trollers, griefers, squeakers and spammers!
I play Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Counter Strike Source, Garry's Mod, DayZ Standalone, Spiral Knights, Call of Duty, Killing Floor, Fistful of Frags and the ArmA series, and now our list continues. Geometry Dash, Red Orchestra 2 Battle of Stalingrad, Battlefield, Dead Space and Dead Island.
I use a microphone.
Im fun and funny and don't be afraid to talk or socialize with me.

My Wishlist:
Half Life 3
Gears of War 4
A Steam Controller
Arma 3
Astro A40 Full Size Headset
Aula Dragon Abyss Si-863 Keyboard
ROCCAT Tyon Mouse
(More Will Be Added In the Future)

Specs! Right Below!

Proccesor: Intel i7-3770K CPU 3.50GHz
Installed Memory (RAM): 16.0 GHz
Video Card: Geforce 670

That's all you need to know.

For people whose wondering, my dad handbuilt this very powerful PC.

Headphones: Corsair Gaming H1500 (Mic Broke, Fucking Pissed.)
Corsair Gaming Void RGB (New brand headphones.)
Mouse: Corsair Gaming Sabre RGB
Keyboard: Corsair Vengeance K70

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