John Silverman
Built last Century from rusty tin cans, a selection of stolen car parts and a few odds and sods, I am a versatile and reliable machine, capable of applying Real World Knowledge to complete most objectives with a minimum of fuss, collateral damage or self-inflicted wounds.

While In-Game, it is a given that I WILL get Geographically Embarrassed (lost) and then RAGE quit.
I will subsequently yell obscenities and rude directives at the monitor instead of using the mouse and keyboard.

When NOT busy, I usually stay indoors and OUT of direct sunlight.
It takes at least 12 hours (or 12 beers - whichever comes first) to recharge before next use, so as to obtain best gaming performance.

Likes: Mike Oldfield and smart people
Dislikes: Microsoft , bad Drivers (Cars and Computers).

Bucket List:
Tour the world's Castles and Palaces.
Halo Jump from 35000'
Throw a coin into the Fountain of St. Peter's Square .
Eat a meal on top of the Freedom Tower, NYC
Have the courage to Bungee Jump off of something. A very, VERY HIGH something.

:2016imnotcrying: <-- My Cat Died :steamsad:
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