Mike   Maine, United States
I have been playing this game for about as long as it has been around and still love it. I play just about everyday. I like half life and opposing force also but can't seem to get into TF2 (no nades). I love being self employed and having a home office. More time to play. I just built a new computer (12/1/09), and what a difference. Just built a newer computer and it plays great (0812). Put $1500 in this one, so far. Gonna get one more HD 7850 for crossfire and another 25" monitor for eyefintity with 3 monitors. Sabertooth Z77 mobo, i7 3770, 16 gb Corsair 1600 sdram, HD 7850 video, 2 Kingston SSD, Seasonic 750 Gold ps, Cooler Master Sniper case, and more. I love my avatar. I love the woods and work as a consultant forester.
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