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I am TF2SwapShop's [] main administrator and owner. Please DO NOT ADD ME about a cheater/hacker/rule-breaker or if you want to be unbanned. Ban appeals/submissions and admin applications go on the forum. Type !report to notify the admins about a cheater/hacker/rule-breaker ingame.

I do buy quite a lot of things - Some current buying prices are listed below:
- Keys: $1.50 (Bulk suppliers wanted!)
- Unusual Hats: Add me to negotiate, too many to list.
- Entire Backpacks: Add me, every bp is different so price is negotiable

If you are interested in buying items:
Everything I have listed for sale is available on OPSkins []
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The Gentlemann's Fedora Mar 5 @ 3:48pm 
Added for an inquiry relating to Swap Shop Admins (Not an application, but Administration in general). Message me when you're free. :)
//Z@kizong\\ | Feb 28 @ 4:59am 
Nice steam group
Pink|Piano Feb 23 @ 12:27pm 
ur master bandits friend
Pink|Piano Feb 23 @ 12:27pm 
Pink|Piano Feb 23 @ 12:26pm 
jeez i hv a bad memory
Pink|Piano Feb 23 @ 12:26pm 
how did i friend u?