Warren, Michigan, United States
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Fav Class in tf2; is Sniper and Soldier
Fav Singer: Johnny Cash

Fav movie quotes
"This is what life looks like, people who love each other, a home. You should take a moment, feel it. Logan, you still have time."
-Professor X

A strong man stands up for himself
A stronger man stands up for others

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Infomation about me
Name ??? __________ Age: 17
Gender: Male_________ Taco
Country: USA__________State: Mi
Race: Espanic_________ Language: English

Interest and Fandom

Favorite Movie Logan.
Favorite Song. Hurt by Johnny Cash.
Fandom Brony.
Favorite pony Nyx, Princess Luna, And Vinyl Scratch.
Hobbies, Working out, Clopping, and Gaming.

If you wish to contact me when im offline use these
Skype: majorpayne4721
Kik: Maxpayne4721
Artwork Showcase
The brony squad.
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Luna Dec 8 @ 5:09pm 
Adding because pony
join bru
AnnaKittyofPie Nov 25 @ 11:44pm 
question why did u sniper duel me on 2fort b4?
kallshn Nov 24 @ 4:59am 
add me :)
3'brodie Nov 15 @ 11:48am 
The guy who commented on my profile