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Thork2a Nov 12 @ 11:37am 
Hello, I do apologize for using the translator, I am French and do not write English:). It would be possible to add on the interface the "consecutive taking" ? You never can tell where we are situated, what obliges us has to go out of the zone of mission and to make out a will by killing a prey. Thank you enormously. ;) It's very important for the game, in my opinion ...
Carlos Spicy Weiner Oct 31 @ 9:27am 
hi, I am a avid hunter and computer gamer and i had some ideas for the game that might intrest you guys. i love the game just wanted to see if you guys wanted some more ideas for dlc. who would i contact to give tha ideas.
Hans Oct 30 @ 12:46pm 
Hi, I have just noticed that I have lost all progress in the game yesterday. I was level 28 with 113 hours put into the game and when I went to log in yesterday all of that was gone. Please message when you are free and if you can do anything to help.
EW_Graham Oct 26 @ 12:00pm 
Hi! Please email social@expansiveworlds.com :)
Cocopoof Oct 26 @ 9:58am 
Hi, who do I contact about receiving the story contest prize? <3 Thanks!
Ary Oct 24 @ 8:33am 
Hello Mr. Graham, I bought call of the wild a few days ago for the xbox one and I've been wondering which version the xbox game is since there seem to be a couple of bugs in the game which where suposedly fixed in the PC version ( 2# summer mission seems to be impossible to finish and the shotgun buckshot causes a bug where all follow up kills display the same statistic plus the buckshot is always causes 0% integrity on a kill) I know that you guys where probably busy with the port to console but I'm curious. thank you in advance for the reply :)