Hello...Im Snurties..Uh....i play probably found me in TF2, CSGO, or GMod, since those are the main games i lose my social life.

Feel free to add me, but i rather have a reason before in the comments.

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Steam Group (its mostly for people with the ninja scout set)
Discord for Ninja Scouts (its a bad meme i know) []

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im a full on retard. so, insulting doesnt do much
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ß Feb 18 @ 9:40pm 
= gay
Kyle Feb 17 @ 8:34pm 
notices the bulge in your pants, deducing that it must in fact be a katana tries to woo you in order to gain your prized family katana OwO what's this? glomps you, unaware that what I thought was your katana was in fact your ding dong. I go to grab it anyways, and snap it in half by accident. I feel blood on my hands and know I made quite the mistake Uguu~ senpai, sowwy for huwting u :'( winces in pain, because Nii-chan is screaming directly into my organ of corti Just another day in the life of Nya-chan ^ _ ^
Kyle Feb 14 @ 2:49pm 
The only people that put a meme as their profile picture (or any pic that isn't them) are either in fifth grade or the lowest tier dunces I've ever encountered. Like wtf do your school friends think when they get your friend request and instead of a picture of you its just some random ass picture of Obi Wan. You're gonna go to get a job and your employer is gonna give you one search and see your pink ass anime girl picture and stuff your application in his solid gold cross cut shredder. What if god forbid, any of you ugly inbred mother fuckers get a girlfriend? What's she gonna show her friend? "This is johny, my new boyfriend. I swear he doesn't look like Shrek in real life. Trust me, he's much worse looking." Like i get that you don't like how you look but at least have the decency to show me your face so i can join you in not liking how you look. You don't have to be in this alone. Please consider these words. Think of the children.
Kyle Feb 14 @ 2:43pm 
Is it gay to exist? I mean, don't get me wrong, buddos, let me just explain: By existing, you cannot deny you are occupying the same plane of existence as another man's penis. Now, pals, I don't know about you, but to me ...
... that sounds pretty fuckin' gay.
Kyle Feb 13 @ 5:51pm 
~Meaning of a Lick~
Lick on the Tail: Will you be my mate?
Lick on the Ear: I think you are cute!
Lick on the Stomach/Belly: I'm ready.
Lick on the Forehead: For comfort.
Lick on the Paw/Hand: You're my everything.
Lick below the Chin: I like you.
Lick on the Nose: I love you.
Lick on the Finger: You're so sweet!
Lick on the Neck: We belong together.
Lick on the Shoulder: I want you.
Lick on the Chest: I love the feeling of you in me.
Lick on the Lips: I need you.
Lick on the Back: For fun!
Lick on the Cheek: I missed you.
Lick on the Tongue: ultimate expression for love
Lick on the Eye: I'm embarrassed.
Lick on the Thigh: Your feelings are not ignored.
Kyle Feb 13 @ 5:51pm 
    ( ・∀・) 
  ( ( ・∀・) 
  ∪( ∪ ∪