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Q: Is this an Alt?

A: no. this is now my main account, my old one was hacked.

Q: why dont you try X to recover your account.

A: you think i havent? ive tried every which way to recover my old account. apparently the people who hacked me were very clever. so im just going to start over on this account, in a way its a refreshing clean slate.

Q: how old are you?

A: 22

Q: how many hours do you actually have in TF2?

A: across this account and my old one i have well over 7000 hours. i dont know weather to be proud or ashamed of that fact. all i know is i love this game.

Q: what classes do you play in comp?

A: in the past ive played medic, engineer, demo and soldier in both 6's and hl. currently im maining scout in 6's

Q: do you have a team currently?

A: no, not one im commited to at least. my priority is gametime atm, to get back up to a good skill level.

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