You will pay for your sacrilege
Philippe Gerard Maurits Lenoir   Vatican City State (Holy See)
3:27 - You will pay for your sacrilefgd: r u truely a gingnig???
3:27 - drezzo: yes :(

what I think i'm doing:
what actually happens:
Catch ya on the flip side
when you make the most erudite video ever and you look in the wrong camera
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mimikyu Jun 25 @ 8:40am 
dad pleaSE
mimikyu Jun 21 @ 4:53pm 
fuck me dad please
dvs Jun 11 @ 9:28pm 
So I hear that some people believe that being a brony is gay. I told Pyro, Sparkup, and Merlin this. They didn't like what I said. People should know that not only are us bronies artistic, some bronies are in the military, trained to kill. Some of us, like me, also have very sharp katanas lying around. So, if you have a problem with the idea of older people watching My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, this sword is ready.
fstiv_ Jun 7 @ 12:02pm 
didnt get my copy paste right tho
Nerzal Jun 1 @ 4:54pm 

game is do dupy tbh
Nerzal Jun 1 @ 4:46pm 
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how does he do it