Godz Ares
Dalmine, Lombardia, Italy
History and strategy war fan xD ✌🏻✌🏻
I speak Italian, English und, natürlich, Deutsch :P
Match average: 2 drops, 12 deaths and 3-4 crossbow fails
My mentor => the best medic: Shade

Main 6s Medic 👍🏻🔝🔝
6s => (ETF2L) Medic for Law Open Lawyers
6s => (UGC) Medic for Hipy Deers
Hl => Medic for Kyron Esport
Best team ever for me:
Scout 1 Clockwork
Scout 2 Ash
Roamer Blaze
Pocket B4nny
Demoman Duwatna
Medic Shade

Summer 2016 => UGC S21 Steel
Fall 2016 => ETF2L S25 Open
Winter 2016 => ETF2L Winter Cup Open, 8° position
Winter 2016 => ETF2L Preseason Cup Open, Playoffs zone
Winter 2016 => ETF2L S26 Open, 19° position
Spring 2017 => ETF2L One Night Cup, 1° position Aratesss

Spring 2017 => ETF2L Preseason Cup Open, 1° position Aratesss
Spring 2017 => ETF2L S12 Mid, 11° position

Total war
I just love every total war, but my favourite one is Rome 2; I'm always available to play it with friends

"Sir, permission to leave the station"
"For what purpose, Master Chief?"
"To give the Covenant back their bomb"
"Permission granted".

"Italians do it better but german girls are just da best" ;)
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