-W3E- Assassin Spirit -SGM-
I was always an Unknown, I was always hidden in the shadows, I was always mysterious, I was always a Soulful Spectral Spirit, However I'm an Assassin. Now I'm the Spirit of all Assassin.

Do not underestimate my skills, and tactics. In a game, my skills and tactics can be unexepected when you see me.

There are other games I like to mess around with players depends on how I feel. However its a secret cause you will never know what I will be playing, and when you see me within in-game.

There are some groups that I am part of that are Assassin-like. Some of the groups you see that are Assassin-like in my profile, I am part of it.

There are stuff you will never know about me. There hidden stuff and secrets behind me that won't make you see within in-game. I am mostly friendly to my friends and other players depends on how the act and how I felt about it. But I am hostile when I get competitive and feel the need to mess around with other players. Even if I would like to get Hositle to others, depends how aggresive deep inside of my emotions and keeping my anger away to just keep myself calm for like CS:GO Competitive if someone tries to threaten me. Not my fault, they couldn't take a chill, they would be a Toxic Player anyways.

Watch yourself. Never mess with the Assassin. I will be always here.

I hope you have a good day, I am looking forward into playing with you.
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