Marty Scurll
Kyoto, Japan
I dont like people does it make me a bad person? No it just makes me an Individualist

Your score was 28 out of a possible 50.
Scores in the 26-32 range indicate some Autistic traits (Aspergers Syndrome).


:midair: youtube

:impressive: twitch []

Baronnashoorek: co to je za čuráka s tíma brýlema a potíktme bych mu rozbil hlavu za to jak vypadá

2:07:17 Nille_shft: you play like you have a dildo in ur bum

Kurates : wtf kurd nigger map eu sucking us balls wtf- cp_logjam

Jwicks10 : why are you on fucking mge servers when you have like 100000000000 hours?

10:43 - SUPA HOT FIRE: pust me k sobe do kanalu
10:43 - SUPA HOT FIRE: fagu
10:43 - The Beast Incarnate: fakt triska
10:43 - SUPA HOT FIRE: se tam nevlezu totiz

TC Broda: does it feel like !add5 ?

ShaDowBurn : you are bad and we gonna play badlands


0:24 - Quik: my kitten sits on a table and farts

almightytunatf2: isn't nation solly main?
davidthewin: yeah
serotone: nation has mastered every class

22:38 - Verse | naked men
22:38 - Verse | oops this isn't google

19:55 - Verse | czech girls gone wild
19:55 - Verse | oops this isnt
19:56 - Verse | google

19:55 - Verse | homo sex
19:55 - Verse | oops this isn't google

1:22 - 91: are you playing with dogs
1:22 - dcp kid: yeah
1:22 - 91: haha
1:22 - 91: they fucking sucks
1:22 - 91: worst team ever

10:32 - Mrguilty: Btw , which part of Russia do you live in ?

*DEAD* chest rockwell : they call him 4 rocket nation

Stark62: alle was one of the best demo jumpers in the world
Stark62: and that kid couldnt rollout to save his life

Stark62: hi im perm *pops to light breeze*
Stark62: *and still drops hafficool*

joebob64: well kaidus is british, thus mentally retarded from the inbred gene pool

joebob64: hey kaidus, im proud of you, i mean casting with a severe mental and physical disability is quite a feat

Jinzha: Ipz, who's going to be the best pocket this season?
Ipzie_: me or tek
Ipzie_: on logs prolly tek
Ipzie_: cause 55% healz
Kaidus: good because healed, or healed because good???
Captainhax: start to play pocket
Captainhax: then you might be the best one
Ipzie_: just when it becomes necessary
Ipzie_: i can hog heals all day its just boring
Captainhax: if it becomes necessary
Captainhax: mike will start to play
Captainhax: #GOODMOOD

Captainhax: ipzie is hiding in mike's shadow
Captainhax: even tho it's impossible LOOOOL

16:45 - Verse ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ: knock knock
16:45 - pussy creeper: whos there
16:45 - Verse ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ: looking for
16:45 - pussy creeper: for who
16:46 - Verse ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ: 𝓝𝓘𝓖𝓖𝓔ℛ𝓢

JelDeRebel : how the fuck do you get killed by a dispenser
The Dispenser : Come closer and I will show you

15:53 - nR kaptain: tbh on a scale of 0-haffi
15:53 - nR kaptain: this choke was 100haffi

21:38 - [>--]nation!: do you think you will go to heaven?
21:40 - ryder: if there is a heaven i will be there
21:40 - ryder: looking down on all the muslim scum burning in hell

i was dribbling autistic fuck when i was 16(c) turbomonkey

Rabbit #TF2Center : id doesnt matter whay div you are playing
Rabbit #TF2Center : i am better than you ta mge

13:20 - (Drackk) 7: meat
13:20 - (Drackk) 7: no vegetal

0:03 - kaptain: ANGEr
0:03 - kaptain: AngrY
0:03 - kaptain: ANGER

23:17 - kaptain: hell yes lit 100% criyng emoji fingers hands

11:53 - Morrow ᕕ: DAWDAW

Starkie: 📂Michael's documents
      └📁 TF2 Movement
         └📁 Airstrafing
           └⚠️ This folder is empty

MidnightMick: Light weight @nationMMY

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joyride Mar 17 @ 11:56am 
Hello, I want to trade my soul diffuser for your any 7-10 dota 2 commons/uncommons/rares or mythicals (any of them, I dont mind). I see you have many of them so if you dont need them send me trade offer please. Trade link and diffuser are in my main profile - . I don't add friends pls dont add me , just send offe
Miju Mar 9 @ 8:36am 
added for (cool) LAN business
alien Feb 19 @ 3:40am 
hey eg thank u for choosing 2 join us here at

catains draft 4. we know that a team of ur

calabers expects only the best, so please enjoy

the delectable treats included in ur good boy

bag. there are some pringles in there tey are a

lot like roster swapping once u pop u cant seem

to stop am i right boys anyway there is a toy in

there too for you young gents have fun. we are

confident u will enjoy the event, i mean if Phil

gave the new starwars a 3.5 out of 4 which was a

pile of hot garbage then this event is gonna

blow your goddamed minds. no pressure misery

but goodluck they will kick u if u dont do good

thank u for commin ——————— as always BLEED
✪Nrj (xD_^) ✦ Feb 18 @ 10:12pm 
Hi bro, Im collecting Dota2 loading screens and can give my Manifold Paradox for 10-15 of your loading screens. I see you have many so if you don't need them send me trade offer for my Arcana. Trade link and Arcana are in my main profile - . I don't add friends at all so please dont add me , just send offer
tmsxd Feb 10 @ 3:49pm 
i am heavy weapons guy and this is my weapon she waves 100'50 killagrams and fires 2'10000 dolar custom 2 contrgas and 10 contrgas for minute it costs 4'000000000 dollars to fire this Who touched sasha WHO TOUCHED MY GUN some people think they can out smart me MayBe well i yet to meet one that can out smart bullet AHHHHHHHHHHH HAHAHAHHAHAH TRY SOME MORE haha try some more
GØLGØTHA Feb 9 @ 1:19pm 
Because human work will no longer be necessary the masses will be superfluous, a useless burden on the system. If the elite is ruthless they may simply decide to exterminate the mass of humanity. If they are humane they may use propaganda or other psychological or biological techniques to reduce the birthrate until the mass of humanity becomes extinct, leaving the world to the elite. Or, if the elite consist of soft-hearted liberals, they may decide to play the role of good shepherds to the rest of the human race. Of course, life will be so purposeless that people will have to be biologically or psychologically engineered either to remove their need for the power process or to make them "sublimate" their drive for power into some harmless hobby. These engineered human beings may be happy in such a society, but they most certainly will not be free. They will have been reduced to the status of domestic animals.