Steam 社区市场

用 Steam 钱包资金与社区成员进行物品买卖。

Note: Steam Trading Cards, Profile Backgrounds, Emoticons, and Gems purchased on the Steam Community Market will not be tradable or marketable for one week after purchase. We are making this change to combat fraud (which artificially increases the prices of these items), and to help maintain a safe and healthy item economy within Steam.

Untradable Steam items can still be used like normal. They just cannot be immediately used in trades with other Steam users.

该物品为常用商品,所有单个物品的内容都完全相同。您无法直接购买单个上架物品;但您能够以特定价格发送订单进行购买,最便宜的上架物品将自动匹配最高金额的订购单。 了解“订购单”详情。



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