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I've been receiving a lot of friend requests lately and it's time to make some rules to filter the people who get added on my friends list:

I accept friend requests to trade with other people. After the trade, you may or may not remain on my friends list, that will depend;

I accept friend requests from people who need help with something. I will be glad to help but I can't guarantee you will remain on my friends list;

I don't accept any kind of request (trading, friend request, gift, group invite, etc) from lvl 0 accounts including those whose profiles are private;

I don't add random people who just want to have a random chat;

I will add people who are willing to discuss business;

I unfriend people who keep inviting me to play the same game every single day (example: Counter-Strike). I'm a gamer with a lenghty library and I like to play multiple games. You are free to invite me and we can have a good time, just don't invite me 4 times in just a minute, if i'm ignoring the first 2 times then it should be clear, so ease up. Don't expect me to play a certain game everytime with you just because I played it once. I'll play whatever I want, whenever I want;

In continuation to the previous point, you don't have to play with me to remain on my friends list. Even though I love to play with friends, it makes no sense to remove someone just because that person won't play with me;

Don't try to scam me, I know all your little tricks and plenty people tried, you'll get reported, screened and blocked. Don't waste your time;

Blatant unfair trades may lead to a block, I always check the prices and I have decent notion of how much things are worth. You've been warned;

Don't ask me to give you +REP on your profile. I will do it if I feel like you were a good trader, asking for it will only make me avoid doing it;

I don't keep people in my friends list who have a VAC ban, I may still add you to trade or other stuff, but you won't remain afterwards. There are no excuses, I don't care;

I don't add people who can't speak portuguese and/or spanish and/or english. Those are the only languages that I fully master and I don't want to add someone who won't be able to communicate with me;

Do not spam garbage and don't advertise stuff. You will be blocked and I may never add you again;

I don't give away free games to people who aren't currently on my friends list and I only give them to people who I trust. This is not about greed, this is just one way to avoid scumbags who receive the free gifts that I gladly gave them only to trade them for other games. I don't expect to get a gift in return but I always expect at least a simple "thank you".

That's it, that's all the rules. I'm sorry if they had to be THAT strict, it's just that i've been receiving too many invites for pointless stuff and I didn't want that to keep going. If you didn't do anything wrong and you were still unfriended, then it wasn't anything personal. If you broke any of the rules, you now know what you did, I may still add you, it will depend on the situation.

These rules were made on the 10th of October, 2015.

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HooksGURU Apr 24 @ 7:03am 
Have a great week ahead of you. I enjoy looking through your content. Best wishes from the States.
PyOnE Apr 15 @ 11:23pm 
Wanna ask a question
Tykylo, Genuine Smartass Apr 10 @ 4:02pm 
+rep for deserving a million +reps
Justman Apr 10 @ 8:58am 
Just saw your scam warnings in Ex'o'death trade offers. Thank you for keeping Steam clear! +REP :)
TaskPlays Apr 6 @ 7:02am 
+rep great moderator