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Some quick and important info.
2016 Profile!

My first and only promise to myself this year is simple, game more than I buy, (still trying to keep that from my 2015 promise did good but wanna improve more).

So quick Q&A

Q - Can i have a game or free items !?
A - No go away

Q - You are payday mod can i have invite ?
A - No go away

Q - Are you a Valve dev able to help me with bans and so on ?
A - No use the steam support.

Q - Do you want to trade ?
A - Check below the trade section of my profile explains everything.

Q - What background you currently using ?
A - Agarest: Generations of War - Agarest: Generations of War

So that is out of the way.

I`m a 30 years old gamer, who now is lucky enough to work in the gaming industry. I work as the community mananger for Black Forest Games. So you will most likely meet me real life if you ever travel to gaming cons, especially GamesCom in Germany which I attended last year and hope to attend again!

We created 7 titles that is currently on steam
Airline Tycoon Deluxe
Giana Sisters 2D
Giana Sisters: Dream Runners
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Rise of the Owlverlord
Rogue Stormers

Other than that I live in Sweden where I bought a mountain, yes I bought a mountain deal with it!
Internet is kinda crappy hence why you rarely see me play co-op games during the winter as it is mobile broadband atm.

I enjoy gaming and started gaming back with Spy Vs Spy for commendor 64 (Damn i´m getting old) Now I prefer thinking games, mainly RTS, TBS or RPG, tho any game if the story is great will keep me busy and happy.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stats over time updated after every sale!
1st of Jan 2015 - 3006 Games, level 168, 3 Reviews
21th of June 2015 - 3595 Games, level 187, 8 Reviews
1st of Jan 2016 - 4632 Games, lvl 221, 13 Reviews
29th of June 2016 - 5204 Games, lvl 234, 15 Reviews
1st of Jan 2017 - 5881 Games, lvl 249, 16 Reviews.

Games Completed In 2015 -
Act of Aggression - Review
Act of War: Direct Action - Review
Battle: Los Angeles - Review
Company Of Heroes New Steam Version - Review
Dawn Of War - Review
Evolve - Review
Fallout 4 - Review
Prison Architect - Review
Sid Meier´s Civilization V - Review
Tropico 5 - Review
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ? Special Editions - Unable to review for some odd reason ><

Games Completed in 2016 -
ARK: Survival Evolved - Review
Rocket League - Review
XCOM 2 - Review
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I´ve played a lot of games over the years, from MMO´s to indies to god knows what.

However never have a first impression of a game been this good.

I sat down with 2 friends and played this game for the first time with a xbox controller and within 5-10 mins i had the best laugh i´ve had for a long time.

The game is easy to pickup and easy to learn but diffenetly something you should play with friends, the sheer joy of in fact lining up that perfect goal or getting it is a great feeling of something silly and stupid that will make you scream the ears of all your friends and wake up whoever else lives in the house.

This game is a perfect balance between silly, stupid and genius really, the music, the gameplay and the easy way of learning makes it sooo addictive that it is really just a must have for anyone who likes to have a great laugh with friends and just wanna forget everything else for a few hours.

I´m for sure gonna play this even more over the next long time as my car needs some swag ^_^

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