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You can always reach me on discord for pro-z - https://discord.gg/uxBRj8h
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Some quick and important info.
2017 Profile!

My first and only promise to myself this year is simple, game more than I buy, (still trying to keep that from my 2016 promise did good but wanna improve more).

Owner of Pro-z.org .
Former CM of Black Forest Games.
Former high tier trader in TF2.

So quick Q&A

Q - Can i have a game or free items !?
A - No go away

Q - You are payday mod can i have invite ?
A - No go away

Q - Are you a Valve dev able to help me with bans and so on ?
A - No use the steam support.

Q - Do you want to trade ?
A - Check below the trade section of my profile explains everything.

Q - What background you currently using ?
A - Liliana Vess - Magic 2015

Q - What do you think about this game ?!
A - If there is no review of the game odds are I didnt play it enough to deside what I thought of it.

So that is out of the way.

I`m a 31 years old gamer, who now is lucky enough to work in the gaming industry. I used to work for Black Forest Games as the community mananger

Currently hunting for a new job within the industry, who knows where I might end up.
For now I´m focusing on pro-z while job searching.

Other than that I live in Sweden where I bought a mountain, yes I bought a mountain deal with it!
Internet is kinda crappy hence why you rarely see me play co-op games during the winter as it is mobile broadband atm. :BigZee:

I enjoy gaming and started gaming back with Spy Vs Spy for commendor 64 (Damn i´m getting old) Now I prefer thinking games, mainly RTS, TBS or RPG, tho any game if the story is great will keep me busy and happy.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stats over time updated after every sale!
1st of Jan 2015 - 3006 Games, level 168, 3 Reviews
21th of June 2015 - 3595 Games, level 187, 8 Reviews
1st of Jan 2016 - 4632 Games, lvl 221, 13 Reviews
29th of June 2016 - 5204 Games, lvl 234, 15 Reviews
1st of Jan 2017 - 5881 Games, lvl 249, 16 Reviews.

Games Completed In 2015 -
Act of Aggression - Review
Act of War: Direct Action - Review
Battle: Los Angeles - Review
Company Of Heroes New Steam Version - Review
Dawn Of War - Review
Evolve - Review
Fallout 4 - Review
Prison Architect - Review
Sid Meier´s Civilization V - Review
Tropico 5 - Review
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ? Special Editions - Unable to review for some odd reason ><

Games Completed in 2016 (slow year)-
ARK: Survival Evolved - Review
Rocket League - Review
XCOM 2 - Review

Games Completed in 2017 -
HunieCam Studioes - Review
Playerunknowns Battlegrounds - Review
Mass Effect Andromeda - Origin game no review.
Stellaris - Review
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So i finally got to play this game after it have been sitting in my library for a long time.

This little game is rather odd and yet great, yea sure you control cam girls but the true gem in this game is the humour.
You have to deal with everything from the girls addictions, STD´s and men´s kinks and we all know there is plenty of those to go around.

The game is rather simple and rather addictive, you start with 1 hirl here you go, go nuts and make your empire, you only have 21 days but afterwards you can always continue in a sort of forever mode.

The game is different worth the 7 dollars it costs ^_^

So all in all it is a great little game to mess with for a few hours of laugh.
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That really really has to hurt
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