2f. Prince
United States Virgin Islands
cezyse: it is in the reality where u live in
cezyse: which is where i rekt yo ass

2f. pyro secret (cezyse): spending ur last 5 seconds with a retarded like me smh

i only have 250 hours at soldier pls no judge

Golly = the man FG_TSM himself

2f. Golly!: i think the dolphin...
2f. Golly!: is strog
2f. Golly!: strong

2f. Golly!: yea man ikr
2f. Golly!: life is so hard
2f. Golly!: you cant just sacrifice an innocent human
2f. Golly!: to unleash demon forces onto the world
2f. Golly!: im pretty disappointed

2f. Golly!: i just saw a demon die
2f. Golly!: idk if it was carrying a voodoo doll
2f. Golly!: now i cant sacrifice a human to hell

2f. Golly!: the one great thing about nuclear fury is that if you move sideways the projectile is exactly the same speed as a martian ufo mount


i wont be able to trade until i get a new phone or get my old phone fixed so dont send me offers

Sens: 2.4
DPI: 800
Too Fluffy For You- Roamer main
x Team Over Caffeinated- Scout main (i think it's disbanded tho rip)
Previous teams:
x Khaos 6v6 (Disbanded)
x TiE 6v6 (Disbanded)
x Technology Eclipse 6v6/HL (I got cut ayy lmao)
x DMT (disbanded?)
x Techinitium 6v6 (Disbanded)
x Rise and Die (Die)
x a bunch of other teams i probably forgot about

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