Aivaras   Lithuania
I am an indie game developer.

I make games using GameMaker: Studio since 2013.
My best game: Sector Six
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I am Ivar, also known as an independent game developer Zuurix. I am 21 years old and I am from Lithuania, which explains all the grammar errors =]

My goal is to create modern, complex, enormous games and every day I am getting closer to achieving that goal. I am very dedicated to making my games and it's the thing that I enjoy doing most.

I also love playing fantasy RPG's, CCG's and tower defense games, reading fantasy books, talking with people who play my games and listening to music by Two Steps From Hell.

I hate limitations, outdated things, unoriginality, and beetroots.

Oh, and sometimes I use 'Ello instead of Hello. Strange habit, I know.


Don't add me just to beg for keys.
Don't spam my comment section with meaningless emoticon pictures of any kind.
Before sending a friend invitation, state reason for it in the comments.


Sector Six


Website [zuurix.com]
Patreon [www.patreon.com]
Wiki [games-by-zuurix.wikia.com]
Twitch [www.twitch.tv]
Discord [discordapp.com]
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Sep 16 @ 5:14am 
Greetings! I am Necro TM's Cousin, I wanted to add you so we could know eachother better.
SMURF'S Lamborghini Sep 13 @ 1:56pm 
k thx
Zuurix Sep 13 @ 12:04am 
1) I don't think so. 2) It's totally illegal. 3) I'm a game developer, not a tech guy. 4) Google is your friend.
SMURF'S Lamborghini Sep 12 @ 7:31pm 
hey zuurix its ya boi lolo4dee and i came here because your the techyist person i know and i was wondering if i buy a copy of windows 10 on a usb flash drive is it multiuse? (u[pgrading multiple computers to a version of windows 10) thx -ya boi lolo
KingCrawful Sep 12 @ 12:54pm 
Okay, thanks.
Zuurix Sep 11 @ 11:34pm 
GameMaker: Studio sprite editor.