zol #B>Keys!
If you selling keys - add me (and comment on wall)
For other trades - trade offers only!
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It's only TRADING account

Currently I'm buying TF2/CS:GO keys for real money
Price per TF2 key - 1.85$
Price per CS:GO key - 2.10$.
1. Before you add me - leave a message indicating what you want. If it sounds reasonable or interests me, I'll accept your invite. If you add me without leaving a message, I'll ignore or block you.

2. Please don't ask for free items, pricechecks or my life story.

3. If you add me to offer an unusual or other item I have not expressed an interest in anywhere, expect to be lowballed. Hard. I will also check both you and the item thoroughly, so scammers, sharks and hijackers may as well not bother.

Thank you for your consideration and happy trading!

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Cpm.PhobiAA 4 hours ago 
sent offer
Cpm.PhobiAA 4 hours ago 
I sent offer about unusual
Seaplane 10 hours ago 
If my trade isnt enough I can give u a few tf2 items? Sorry its all I got :(
Seaplane 10 hours ago 
Sent you an offer :)
Ethn 22 hours ago 
Sent you an offer
Lethal potato [pT] Apr 27 @ 7:49am 
Can I buy your Miami nigh stuntman like tmr or the next day, I need to get my keys.thx if you can reserve